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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: synaptic vesicles

December 2022
lllustration of the junction between two nerve cells.

Multi-omics study captures CNTNAP2’s far-ranging effects

by  /  8 December 2022

The in-depth approach shows mutations in the autism-linked gene disrupt neuronal growth and communication, as well as mitochondrial gene expression.

February 2021
Oil and water with colors behind: blue, green, yellow and red.

How microscopic ‘condensates’ in cells might contribute to autism

by  /  23 February 2021

A controversial idea about how cells compartmentalize their contents into droplets — like beads of oil in water — could be key to understanding autism, says Julie Forman-Kay.

January 2019

New method exposes structures inside ‘rainbow’ of brain cells

by  /  4 January 2019

Molecules from alpacas may enable scientists to identify cell types in the brain while also revealing their interior structures.

May 2018
Week of MayMay

Dividing autism; novel messengers; million-dollar mark and more

by  /  11 May 2018

A researcher proposes splitting autism into subtypes, mitochondria make neurotransmitters, and highly successful grantees may face a funding cap.

August 2016

New tool spotlights neuron junctions in living human brains

by  /  19 August 2016

A new imaging technique allows researchers to illuminate the junctions between neurons in a living person’s brain.

May 2015

Rainbow of dyes maps neurons’ tangled paths in brain

by  /  13 May 2015

A new method that lets researchers trace the paths of many neurons at once may reveal how neurons go astray in autism.

July 2014

Suite of methods yields complex model of neuronal junctions

by  /  2 July 2014

Researchers debuted a three-dimensional model of an average synapse, the point of connection between neurons, in the 30 May issue of Science.

August 2013

Molecular mechanisms: Autism gene establishes brain links

by  /  27 August 2013

The autism-linked protein MET is expressed at the junctions between neurons during early brain development in mice, suggesting that it helps establish the connections, according to a study published 21 June in The Journal of Comparative Neurology.

May 2013

Researchers watch as proteins travel to neuronal junctions

by  /  8 May 2013

Using high-resolution microscopy, researchers can watch as signaling complexes assemble at neuronal junctions in zebrafish embryos, according to a study published 17 April in Cell Reports.

November 2012

Scientists home in on autism candidate gene’s role in brain

by  /  26 November 2012

Four new studies of neuroligin-1 (NLGN1), a gene linked to autism, unravel its complex role in regulating the connections between neurons.