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May 2014

Autism development may be obscured by parents’ memory

by  /  17 May 2014

Parents may notice a loss of skills in their children as it is happening, but do not recall it clearly later on. The unpublished research, presented yesterday at the 2014 International Meeting for Autism Research in Atlanta, hints at a fatal flaw in diagnostic tools for autism that rely on parents’ memory.

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April 2014
Opinion / Viewpoint

Screening toddlers for autism is worthwhile

by ,  /  29 April 2014

A Norwegian study published in February suggested that the Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers fails to detect many cases of autism at 18 months of age. The creators of the test explain why there’s more to the story.

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Low-dose sedative eases autism symptoms in mice

by  /  3 April 2014

The equivalent of one-tenth of a single pill of the anxiety drug clonazepam alleviates many autism-like behaviors in a mouse model of the disorder, according to a study published 19 March in Neuron.

March 2014

Study questions effectiveness of autism screen in toddlers

by  /  24 March 2014

A widely used screen for autism identifies only one-third of children at 18 months who are later diagnosed with the disorder, reports a large Norwegian study published 18 February in Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology.

January 2014

Molecular mechanisms: Reward affects motor function in Rett

by  /  10 January 2014

The motor problems seen in Rett syndrome may be the result of deficits in a reward pathway in the striatum, according to a study published 12 November in Brain Structure and Function. 


Skill lag and loss common in children with autism

by  /  7 January 2014

Children with autism develop interactive skills late and many lose at least one skill by 3 years of age, says a study published in November.

August 2013

Risk of epilepsy in autism tied to age, intelligence

by  /  19 August 2013

Children with autism who are older than 13 years and have low intelligence are at the greatest risk of having epilepsy, according to one of the largest epidemiological studies on the issue to date, published 4 July in PLoS One.

July 2013

Study catalogs features of Phelan-McDermid syndrome

by  /  11 July 2013

The majority of people lacking a functional copy of the SHANK3 gene have both autism and severe intellectual disability, according to a study published 11 June in Molecular Autism.

June 2013
Opinion / Viewpoint

Regression in Rett syndrome may inform autism

by  /  18 June 2013

Studying regression in Rett syndrome may help us understand the phenomenon in autism, as it occurs at the same time in both disorders and includes many of the same features, says Jeffrey Neul.

April 2013

Clinical research: Rett symptoms emerge early, gradually

by  /  12 April 2013

The onset of Rett syndrome, which is marked by the sudden loss of speech and motor skills, is more gradual than previously believed, according to two studies published in the past few months.