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November 2023
A series of red pencils make three X shapes against a green background. The last X is only half completed by a single pencil that has been snapped in two.

Neuroscientist has two papers retracted, three corrected

by  /  2 November 2023

Five studies of Alzheimer’s disease or traumatic brain injury, all led by Gary Dunbar at Central Michigan University, have some form of image duplication.

October 2023
A photograph of Thomas Sudhof standing in a courtyard

Nobel laureate’s study earns expression of concern over data integrity issues

by  /  19 October 2023

Data sleuths have flagged apparent errors in the study, which was led by neuroscientist Thomas Südhof.

A crumpled piece of paper atop a stack of papers against a grey background

Article defending private-equity involvement in autism services retracted

by ,  /  19 October 2023

Nearly two-thirds of the article’s references appear to not exist.

A scientist looks into a microscope

Raising the bar for stem cell research: Q&A with Jack Mosher

by  /  10 October 2023

New quality benchmarks for basic research involving stem cells promise to improve rigor and reproducibility, says Mosher, who helped develop the standards.

August 2023
Headshot of Clara Hill.

Co-director of closed psychotherapy clinic retires amid retractions

by  /  23 August 2023

A dozen papers have been retracted so far, and six more are planned.

A series of stacks of blocks, with one stack miscolored and pixelated.

Concerns raised over autism prediction paper

by  /  11 August 2023

The paper was published in a journal that shut down after being overrun by paper mills.

An illustration of a hand pointing a finger at a stack of papers.

Autism in Adulthood gets its first impact factor

by  /  4 August 2023

The 4-year-old journal focuses on research that aims to improve the lives of autistic adults.

July 2023
Headshot of Bret Rutherford.

Exclusive: Shake-up at top psychiatric institute following suicide in clinical trial

by  /  31 July 2023

The New York State Psychiatric Institute in New York City is undergoing an audit and a change in leadership following a suicide that occurred during one of its clinical trials.

A hand holds up a magnifying glass that casts a bright yellow light.

‘Troublesome pattern’: More papers from heads of shuttered clinic under investigation

by  /  28 July 2023

A total of 17 studies have already been retracted or are slated for retraction over issues with participant consent.

Black and white watercolor-style portrait of Cheryl Dissanayake.

The story of autism research in Australia: A conversation with Cheryl Dissanayake

by  /  25 July 2023

With the help of a generous benefactor, autism research in Australia is gathering critical mass.