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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: PSD-95

May 2014

Signaling pathways link autism, schizophrenia

by  /  27 May 2014

Autism, schizophrenia and intellectual disability share underlying deficits in pathways that regulate how the brain encodes new experiences, says Jason Shepherd.

April 2014

High-throughput screen finds genes that link neurons

by  /  30 April 2014

A new algorithm allows researchers to search among hundreds of genes and identify those involved in building synapses, the junctions that transmit signals between neurons, according to a report published 14 March in PLoS One.

July 2013

Fluorescent proteins shine new light on cells

by  /  17 July 2013

Researchers have found a new way to light up proteins in living cells, revealing the connections between neurons, according to a study published 19 June in Neuron.

April 2013

Molecular mechanisms: Rats could model autism gender bias

by  /  9 April 2013

Prenatal exposure of rats to the epilepsy drug valproic acid leads to behavioral and brain features that resemble autism, in males more than in females, according to a study published in the March issue of the Journal of Neurochemistry.

February 2013

Molecular mechanisms: Pruning path links autism, fragile X

by  /  1 February 2013

The protein lacking in fragile X syndrome works with three autism-linked proteins to fine-tune the connections between neurons, according to a study published 21 December in Cell.

September 2012

Rett syndrome-linked gene maintains neuronal connections

by  /  10 September 2012

A gene linked to some types of Rett syndrome is needed for the stability of connections between neurons, according to research published 4 September in Nature Cell Biology.

January 2012

Molecular mechanisms: Autism gene tied to neuronal junctions

by  /  24 January 2012

Neurobeachin, or NBEA, an autism–associated gene, may regulate the transport of signaling molecules to neuronal branches, according to a study published 22 November in Nature Communications.

November 2011

Molecular mechanisms: SHANK2 mutants alter synapses

by  /  30 November 2011

Three mutations in SHANK2, an autism-associated gene, each lead to abnormal synapses, the junctions between neurons, according to a study in Human Molecular Genetics.

July 2011

Molecular mechanisms: Fragments of RNA regulate synapse

by  /  27 July 2011

Small fragments of RNA, called microRNAs, can fine-tune the levels of proteins at the junctions between neurons in response to cell signals, according to a study published 10 June in Molecular Cell.

March 2011

New technique creates map of synapses

by  /  9 March 2011

A new technique can pinpoint the precise location of individual proteins at a synapse — the junction between neurons — at high resolution in brain tissue, according to a study published 9 December in Neuron.