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August 2017
Illustration: a child stands in the center of a crowd, looking confused.
Features / Deep Dive

Rethinking regression in autism

by  /  2 August 2017

The loss of abilities that besets some toddlers with autism is probably less sudden and more common than anyone thought.

July 2017

School survey in India reveals low autism prevalence

by  /  12 July 2017

Roughly 23 of every 10,000 children in India have autism, according to the country’s first rigorous estimate of autism prevalence.


Regional autism rates point to impact of awareness, training

by  /  10 July 2017

The odds of getting an autism diagnosis depend on where in the United States a person lives.

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June 2017
Opinion / Viewpoint

Lessons for parents may change autism’s trajectory

by  /  6 June 2017

Coaching parents to provide early social stimulation may improve outcomes for children with autism.

May 2017
Opinion / Viewpoint

With support, community doctors could detect adults with autism

by  /  16 May 2017

Community mental health clinics, which serve millions of Americans, can help identify adults with undiagnosed autism — and change their lives for the better.

Week of MayMay
News / Spotted

Collaborative conference; drug danger; autism map

by  /  12 May 2017

Autism researchers and advocates gather in San Francisco, nearly one-third of drugs approved in the United States are later linked to safety issues, and an interactive map lays out locations of U.S. autism clinics.


Alternative screen finds high autism prevalence in U.S. state

by  /  12 May 2017

A new study in South Carolina has found a prevalence of 3.62 percent for autism, or roughly 1 in 28 children.


Doctors twice as likely to miss girls as boys on autism screen

by  /  12 May 2017

Pediatricians are failing to identify 80 percent of toddlers who need an evaluation for autism, and are missing nearly twice as many girls as boys.

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April 2017

Estimate of autism’s sex ratio reaches new low

by  /  27 April 2017

A massive new analysis drops the ratio of boys to girls who qualify for an autism diagnosis to about 3-to-1.

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Screening status quo misses most children with autism

by  /  3 April 2017

Most children with autism go undiagnosed until after age 3, and many of these children remain undiagnosed until after they reach school age.

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