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April 2021
Mother and child during remote diagnosis, with learning toys, in their living room.

Virtual autism assessments are likely here to stay

by  /  19 April 2021

The coronavirus pandemic forced researchers and clinicians to find new ways to assess children for autism — many of which will almost certainly endure.

October 2020
portraits of four black autism researchers

What it’s like to be a Black autism researcher

by  /  22 October 2020

Spectrum spoke to four Black autism researchers about what it’s like to be in a field that’s overwhelmingly white, how police violence against Black people has affected them, and the joy of finding one another in ‘Black In Neuro.’

April 2019
children playing at a genetic family group meeting

How families are driving the study of autism genes

by  /  10 April 2019

Parents of children with rare autism-linked mutations are banding together for support and to join forces with scientists, accelerating the pace of research.

October 2018
A woman stands at an ATM in a mall scene, looking at a camera

How virtual reality is transforming autism studies

by  /  24 October 2018

Researchers and autistic artists exploring virtual reality to study, treat and simulate autism traits.

September 2018
Photo: Autistic woman Becky Audette lies on a couch under a purple blanket.

Rebooting Becky’s brain

by  /  12 September 2018

An electrical brain implant all but erased the obsessions that had consumed Becky Audette, years after her autism diagnosis. Could similar implants help other people with severe autism?

June 2018
Spectrum stories podcast logo

Spectrum Stories: Gaming autism treatments

by  /  20 June 2018

Researchers are designing video games to hone visual-attention skills in children with autism. New host Ben Kuebrich explores.

April 2018
Spectrum stories podcast logo

Spectrum Stories: Autism, in a manner of speaking

by  /  19 April 2018

In this episode of “Spectrum Stories,” host Jacob Brogan explains how speech — from its rhythm to its emotional content — can differ in people with autism, making social communication difficult.

March 2018
Spectrum stories podcast logo

Spectrum Stories: Talking about autism mouse models

by  /  21 March 2018

Scientists discuss the problems with using mice to study autism, and explain how the field might move forward.

June 2017
Spectrum stories podcast logo

Spectrum Stories: The role of genetics in autism

by  /  27 June 2017

We know that genes play a role in the condition; however, finding genes, and then knowing what they do is a challenge.