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Tag: parental age

June 2014

Autism families tend to have fewer children than their peers

by  /  27 June 2014

Parents who have a child with autism often decide not to have any more children, according to a study published last week in JAMA Psychiatry.

May 2014

Paternal age’s link to autism remains murky

by  /  20 May 2014

In the past few years, several studies have implicated fathers’ age more strongly than mothers’ in increasing autism risk. Although older fathers have more spontaneous mutations in their sperm than younger fathers do, no one has shown that these accumulating mutations contribute to autism risk in their children, argues Daniel Weinberger.

April 2014

Clinical research: Father’s age affects child’s risks

by  /  22 April 2014

Children born to fathers older than 45 years have a heightened risk of developing a range of conditions, from autism to addiction, according to a large Swedish study published 1 April in JAMA Psychiatry.

March 2014

Autism abounds in ‘deprived’ neighborhoods

by  /  28 March 2014

Children living in low-income neighborhoods with high unemployment rates are more likely to be diagnosed with autism than are children who live in high-income communities, reports a large Swedish study published 26 February in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.

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February 2014

Studies diverge on role of mother’s age in autism risk

by  /  6 February 2014

Two large Scandinavian studies confirm the long-standing theory that older men have a higher risk of fathering children with autism, but they disagree on how a mother’s age drives risk of the disorder.

December 2013

Analysis debunks link between autism, fertility treatments

by  /  10 December 2013

Studies with the best quality ratings and the largest sample sizes showed no increased risk of autism for children born from assisted reproductive technologies, reports a review published in the December issue of Human Reproduction.

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October 2013

Are brain disorders a prerequisite for ‘normal’ evolution?

by  /  28 October 2013

Researchers weigh in on the mounting evidence for a paternal-age effect in autism and what it might reveal about evolutionary mechanisms underlying the disorder.

September 2013

Aging fathers, selfish testes and neurocognitive disorders

by  /  24 September 2013

Certain mutations may hijack the normal mechanisms of sperm production, leading to an enrichment of mutant sperm in older fathers, and to the paternal-age effect in autism.

August 2013

Service disconnect

by  /  9 August 2013

Latino children with autism are diagnosed an average of a year later than their white peers and receive fewer services, reports the June issue of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.


Multinational resource compiles autism risk factors

by  /  5 August 2013

A new database pools health registry data from seven countries, dramatically boosting sample sizes for epidemiological studies of autism.