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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: obesity

March 2016

New mice mimic genetic glitch seen in people with autism

by  /  18 March 2016

A third strain of mice carrying an autism-linked mutation captures the nuances of this structural mutation in people.

February 2016

Obesity, diabetes in mother up autism risk for child

by  /  12 February 2016

The combination of obesity and diabetes in a pregnant woman substantially increases the likelihood that her child will have autism.

January 2016

Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy tied to autism risk

by  /  22 January 2016

Having polycystic ovary syndrome raises the risk of having a child with autism by nearly 60 percent.

December 2015

Analysis unearths common genetic roots for disparate traits

by  /  4 December 2015

Using a new genetic approach, researchers are finding shared risk factors for seemingly unrelated conditions, ranging from autism to obesity.

November 2015

Questions for Alison Hill: Understanding obesity in autism

by  /  24 November 2015

Children with autism are more likely to be overweight or obese than their peers, but it’s unclear why, or what doctors should do about it.

September 2015

Obesity takes heavy toll on children with autism

by  /  10 September 2015

Up to 40 percent of children with autism are overweight or obese, but there is no single risk factor and no easy solution to the problems this brings.

August 2015

Pharma company may have downplayed side effects of autism drug

by  /  20 August 2015

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the leading manufacturer of the widely used autism drug risperidone, omitted data on the drug’s side effects from a 2003 study, according to evidence presented during a lawsuit against the company.

July 2015

Obesity during pregnancy may not boost child’s autism risk

by  /  10 July 2015

Women who are overweight while pregnant have an increased risk of having a child with autism. But a new study suggests that genetics, not the obesity per se, underlies the association.


Picky eating sways parents’ views of children with autism

by  /  3 July 2015

Parents deem children with autism who are fussy diners as more severely impaired than those who eat a wide range of foods.

May 2015
Medical professional in a white coat clasping the hands of a patient.

Adults with autism are at risk for host of health problems

by  /  16 May 2015

Adults with autism are at an increased risk for diabetes, depression and a number of other health problems, suggests a large survey of electronic health records.