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July 2018
neurons glow red or green, indicating how they work to control movements in mice
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Tube of light illuminates groups of neurons in action

by  /  6 July 2018

Shining laser light into mouse brains reveals chatter among separate sets of neurons, showing how the cells produce complex behaviors.

May 2018
Various colored mouse brain sections.
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Imaging approaches expand view into brain’s complexity

by  /  25 May 2018

Four new imaging techniques published over the past few months enable researchers to easily visualize cells and other features in tissue slices and living brains.

April 2018
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Webinar: Shafali Jeste discusses brain development in high-risk infants

25 April 2018

Watch the complete replay of Shafali Jeste discussing her work investigating brain structure and function in infants at high risk for autism. 

Two mice against black background

Altered brain waves may underlie social problems in autism mice

by  /  16 April 2018

Boosting the activity of a class of neurons that dampen brain signals eases social problems in a mouse model of autism.

A silicon nanowire touches the membrane of a rat neuron.
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Silicon nanowires stimulate neurons with light

by  /  6 April 2018

Microscopic silicon wires could enable scientists to excite neurons with light without first inserting genes into them.

March 2018
Diagram showing data motion of mice.

‘Syntax’ of mouse behavior may speak volumes about autism

by  /  21 March 2018

An algorithm that decodes and quantifies mouse body language could reveal the brain circuits underlying certain autism features.

January 2018
A single neuron glows green after light stimulates it, whereas its neighbors (magenta) remain inactive.
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Protein duet activates single neurons with light

by  /  12 January 2018

A new technique enables scientists to use a pulse of light to control the activity of a single neuron.

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Webinar: James McPartland discusses biomarkers for autism

31 January 2018

Watch the complete replay of James McPartland discussing the need for clinically useful biomarkers for autism.

December 2017
a neuron-recording device
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Device detects activity over major portion of monkey brain

by  /  22 December 2017

A large array of electrodes can record the activity of neurons across a wide swath of the monkey brain.

four brains with the RCrusl section highlighted

Study of cerebellum’s role in autism homes in on ‘social’ region

by  /  18 December 2017

New evidence from both people and mice points to a part of the cerebellum that helps process social information as being critical in autism.

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