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October 2018
Illustration of human brain in brackets suggesting circuit alterations that is associated with certain genetic mutations.
Opinion / Viewpoint

Brain scans of sleeping mice hint at subtypes of autism

by  /  9 October 2018

Mapping the effects of autism mutations on mouse brain circuits may reveal subtypes of the condition in people.

September 2018
Abnormalities in proteins at synapses are implicated in autism.

Billions of neuronal junctions make up new ‘synaptome’ map

by  /  20 September 2018

Researchers have charted billions of synapses in the mouse brain and sorted them by type.

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Multimedia / Podcasts

Spectrum Stories: Resetting the autistic brain

by  /  14 September 2018

Deep brain stimulation is not an approved treatment for autism but has helped some people with extreme obsessions and other severe traits. Host Ben Kuebrich investigates one success story.

Features / Deep Dive

Rebooting Becky’s brain

by  /  12 September 2018

An electrical brain implant all but erased the obsessions that had consumed Becky Audette, years after her autism diagnosis. Could similar implants help other people with severe autism?

Artwork shows a flock of birds flying inside the head of a boy.
Opinion / Viewpoint

How a ‘pacemaker’ for the brain could ease autism traits

by  /  4 September 2018

Looking at the brain as a whole suggests that nudging flawed sets of neurons to collaborate better might alleviate autism traits.


Charting one cell at a time, scientists reveal brain’s vast diversity

by  /  3 September 2018

How many cell types does the brain contain? Two new mouse studies bring scientists closer to the answer.

August 2018
Two scientists standing in a lab.
News / Profiles

Family ties: Sabatini brothers crack codes that may underlie autism

by  /  30 August 2018

David and Bernardo Sabatini, brothers born just a year and a half year apart, invent their way to answering big questions about autism.

News / Toolbox

Two new sensors track chemical signals in brains of living animals

by  /  24 August 2018

Novel sensors enable researchers to monitor the activity of two signaling chemicals in the brains of living fruit flies and mice.

Microscopic images from the eye of a fly.

Mutant flies reveal key gene interactions within autism deletion

by  /  20 August 2018

The absence of several interacting genes may underlie the developmental problems seen in people missing a segment of chromosome 16.

Opinion / Viewpoint

Internal recordings of human brain may offer insight into autism

by ,  /  14 August 2018

A technique called intracranial electroencephalography can reveal brain functions with great sensitivity and may ultimately unearth the underpinnings of autism.