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Tag: multiplex families

April 2016

Correcting the record: Leo Kanner and the broad autism phenotype

by ,  /  26 April 2016

The specter of the ‘refrigerator mother’ theory continues to haunt the history of autism. New information puts Kanner’s observations of parents into context.


Large genetic registry may uncover autism’s diverse origins

by  /  21 April 2016

Researchers are launching a new project that aims to collect genetic information from 50,000 people with autism, along with their relatives.

November 2015

Three sets of traits in siblings signal autism’s heritability

by  /  26 November 2015

A study of more than 2,500 families that have at least one child with autism has found three factors that predict autism symptoms in an unaffected sibling.

October 2015

In search of factors that shield girls against autism

by  /  19 October 2015

Identifying the factors that protect girls from autism may help us understand and possibly treat the disorder.

June 2015

Some behavioral problems in autism may stem from poor health

by  /  11 June 2015

Many children with autism have gastrointestinal problems, seizures and sleep disorders. A new study suggests that these seemingly disparate conditions are interconnected and may lead to the children’s behavioral issues.

May 2015

Power of girls to thwart autism shows up in sibling study

by  /  28 May 2015

Children whose older sisters are on the spectrum are at higher risk for autism than are those with affected older brothers, a new study suggests. Younger brothers of children with autism are at greater risk than younger sisters.

April 2015

Iceland’s genomes offer glimpse into mutations’ varied effects

by  /  3 April 2015

Through a clever combination of sequencing genes and tracing family ties, Icelandic researchers have gathered genomic information for nearly one-third of their nation’s population.  

February 2015
Week of FebruaryFeb

Spotted: Maladjusted foals; Kanner controversy

by  /  13 February 2015

Some newborn horses have features of autism, and researchers argue over who first described the disorder.


Some sibling sets arrive at autism with different mutations

by  /  5 February 2015

Less than one-third of sibling pairs with autism who carry rare mutations in autism-linked genes share those mutations, according to the largest study yet to sequence whole genomes of people with the disorder. The study questions the assumption that autism’s risk factors run in families, but some experts are skeptical.

October 2014

Studies question link between head circumference, autism

by  /  16 October 2014

Having an enlarged head in early childhood is not a reliable marker of autism, according to two new studies that tracked changes in head and body size in children over time.