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May 2018
Child with doctor in office

Who’s ‘minimally verbal’? Depends whom you ask

by  /  12 May 2018

The proportion of children with autism considered to be minimally verbal in a study depends on the criteria researchers use to identify them.

Blond toddler

Problems with language, emotions predict social abilities in autism

by  /  10 May 2018

Language difficulties and emotional challenges such as anxiety or aggression in children with autism at age 3 predict their social skills at around age 5.


Why the definition of autism needs to be refined

by  /  9 May 2018

Five years after its latest revision, the manual used to diagnose autism is back under scrutiny, as evidence suggests it excludes some people on the spectrum.

April 2018
silhouette of head with illustrated text

Social communication in autism, explained

by  /  19 April 2018

Communication problems have always been considered a core feature of autism. Yet there are substantial and wide-ranging differences in how people with autism communicate.

animation: a child sits between two parents who are talking to each other. The child looks confused or worried.

Where communication breaks down for people with autism

by  /  18 April 2018

People on the spectrum often have subtle problems using language or making facial expressions. Pinpointing where those difficulties originate may help ease their social communication.


Why no one needs a diagnosis of ‘social communication disorder’

by  /  17 April 2018

A diagnosis of social communication disorder only keeps people from a community and resources they desperately want and need.

March 2018
Neurons from mice missing OTUD7A (right) have fewer spines than do those from controls (left).

Studies pinpoint key gene in region linked to autism

by  /  21 March 2018

A single gene, OTUD7A, may account for most of the features seen in people missing a segment of chromosome 15 known as 15q13.3.

black and white picture of a woman with text labels

Sensory aspects of speech linked to language issues in autism

by  /  8 March 2018

Language problems in children with autism may be partially rooted in an inability to integrate sight and sound when other people talk.

white pills closeup

Flurry of studies hint at folic acid’s protective role in autism

by  /  5 March 2018

Folic acid, a B vitamin, may lower autism risk and ease features of the condition.

child and father playing with blocks at home

Parent training boosts language in nonverbal children with autism

by  /  1 March 2018

Children with autism who speak few or no words improve in their verbal abilities after their parents learn to engage them in conversation during play.