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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: interactome

February 2023

Fishing for protein partners nets clues to autism

by  /  6 February 2023

Connections between 13 autism-linked proteins and their binding partners in excitatory neurons implicate a new molecular pathway.

August 2021
Markov cluster showing protein interactions in mice.

Protein atlas doubles number of known interactions in mice

by  /  26 August 2021

Thousands of protein-protein interactions mapped in mice reveal how these networks shift across seven kinds of tissue.

May 2021

Autism-linked protein screen reveals hundreds of new interactions

by  /  14 May 2021

Researchers have uncovered more than 1,200 new protein-protein interactions involving proteins coded for by autism-linked genes.

July 2018
Two doctors look at a brain scan with a 'fingerprint' pattern over the grey matter area.

Unique brain ‘fingerprints’ may narrow search for autism subtypes

by ,  /  10 July 2018

Grouping people with autism based on their unique brain-activity ‘fingerprints’ may help to identify subtypes of the condition.

June 2018
Week of JuneJun

New health handbook; evidence imbalance; social motivation and more

by  /  22 June 2018

The latest manual of international disease codes is out, a franchise claims to have an autism cure, and two reports diverge on the validity of the social-motivation hypothesis.

April 2018
scientific illustration of protein mutations

Web-based tools reveal mutations’ effects on proteins

by  /  27 April 2018

Two new online resources help researchers predict how mutations alter protein structure.

February 2017

Tangled web of proteins holds clues to autism’s complexity

by  /  28 February 2017

Understanding how mutations in genes linked to autism perturb the different versions of proteins the genes form could reveal new targets for treatments.

January 2017

Online atlas reveals huge array of protein connections

by  /  13 January 2017

A new web-based tool charts the myriad contacts among human proteins.

March 2016

Questions for Richard Tsien: Taking apart autism’s machinery

by  /  22 March 2016

Autism may stem from faulty feedback loops in the brain, like an air conditioning system gone awry.

July 2015

New method vets quality of antibodies for experimental use

by  /  15 July 2015

Researchers have devised a reliable technique for evaluating how well antibodies home in on specific molecules in scientific experiments. The new approach could take some of the guesswork out of studies that use antibodies to label and isolate proteins.