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September 2014

SHANK3 mutations turn up in high proportion of autism cases

by  /  18 September 2014

About 2 percent of people who have both autism and intellectual disability carry harmful mutations in SHANK3, a protein that helps organize the connections between neurons, according to a study published 4 September in PLoS Genetics.


Analysis predicts odds of mutations’ link to autism

by  /  11 September 2014

A new method of statistical analysis can predict whether a rare mutation identified in someone with autism has a meaningful association with the disorder or was found only by chance, researchers reported in the September issue of Nature Genetics.

August 2014

In fragile X syndrome, coping skills decline with age

by  /  26 August 2014

As they age, children with fragile X syndrome may become worse at adapting to change, according to a study published 28 July in Pediatrics.


Autism may lower risk of childhood injuries

by  /  22 August 2014

Children with autism often appear to be clumsy, but in fact the disorder may protect them from injury, suggests a study published in the July-August issue of Academic Pediatrics.


Large genetic deletion leads to autism, but not always

by  /  21 August 2014

To characterize people who carry deletions in 16p11.2 and 15q13.3, genetic regions linked to autism, two studies published this summer looked in detail at dozens of people with either deletion. The studies found that deletions in these regions lead to diverse symptoms that only sometimes include autism. 


London as a crucible for autism in the 1950s

by  /  15 August 2014

Autism pioneer Uta Frith reminisces about dramatic shifts in British researchers’ understanding of autism that effectively ended the institutionalization of children with the disorder.

July 2014

Autism gene affects brain function early in development

by  /  28 July 2014

Mutations in a gene linked to intellectual disability and sometimes autism may lead to a permanent boost in brain activity, according to a study published 18 June in Neuron.


Distinct features signal autism risk in tuberous sclerosis

by  /  7 July 2014

Children who have both the rare genetic disorder tuberous sclerosis complex and autism show a gradual drop in nonverbal intelligence between 1 and 3 years of age, according to research published 11 June in Neurology.


Cluster of symptoms reveals gene’s link to autism subtype

by  /  3 July 2014

CHD8, a gene that regulates the structure of DNA, is the closest thing so far to an ‘autism gene,’ suggests a study published today in Cell. People with mutations in this gene all have the same cluster of symptoms, including autism.

June 2014

Cognition and behavior: Motor deficits match autism severity

by  /  20 June 2014

The severity of core autism symptoms in young children goes hand in hand with the degree of the children’s difficulty with motor tasks.