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Spectrum: Autism Research News

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May 2022

Spectrum Index: Self-harm hospitalizations, everolimus flops in phase 2 trial

by  /  30 May 2022

This month’s newsletter also highlights deflated autism prevalence estimates from Shanghai, China.

April 2022

Spectrum Index: Dip in autism screening, null cancer risk, therapist surge

by  /  28 April 2022

This month’s newsletter looks at a decline in well-child visits during the coronavirus pandemic, the autism-cancer connection and the sizeable fraction of autistic children who live in poverty.

March 2022

Spectrum Index: Rare genetic diagnoses, obesity odds, violence against children

by  /  31 March 2022

This month’s newsletter looks at the minority of autistic people who have an identifiable genetic cause for their condition, and at the fraction of autistic children who are obese.

February 2022

Spectrum Index: IQ deviations, rural disparities and underweight infants

by  /  23 February 2022

This monthly newsletter offers quick statistics on the latest data-centric, autism research studies.