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Tag: genetic testing

November 2015
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Long-awaited databases reveal breadth of genetic variation

by  /  4 November 2015

Two massive efforts to sequence the DNA of more than 11,000 people together provide the most detailed picture yet of genetic variation in the general population.

September 2015

Genetic tests, physical exam forecast autism diagnosis

by  /  17 September 2015

Combining two genetic tests with a physical exam may flag young children at risk for autism years earlier than behavioral assessments do.

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‘Ginkgo’ software allows easy comparison of DNA between cells

by  /  16 September 2015

A new tool that charts large DNA duplications and deletions in single cells may help researchers assess the variants’ contribution to autism.

August 2015
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Software forecasts effects of mysterious mutations

by  /  26 August 2015

A new computer program predicts the effects of mutations in regions of the genome that control gene expression. Researchers can use the tool, called DeepBind, to gauge whether autism-linked mutations might block the genetic landing strips for regulatory proteins.

July 2015

Parents see surprising benefits from tests for autism genes

by  /  21 July 2015

For many parents, genetic testing for a child with autism can bring relief, support and sometimes a way forward.


Intricate DNA flips, swaps found in people with autism

by  /  20 July 2015

A surprisingly large proportion of people with autism have complex chromosomal rearrangements that were missed by conventional genetic screening.

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Method improves analysis of chemical tags that control genes

by  /  8 July 2015

A new strategy sharpens the analysis of chemical tags on the DNA-protein complexes that regulate gene expression. The method may help researchers decipher how gene expression goes awry in disorders such as autism.

June 2015

Body clock genes may set pace for sleep issues in autism

by  /  19 June 2015

People with autism are twice as likely to carry alterations in genes that regulate the circadian clock, or the body’s sleep-wake cycle as those without the disorder. The findings may help explain why most children with autism have trouble with sleep.

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Online atlas unravels gene activity in diverse tissues

by  /  3 June 2015

A new resource reveals that gene expression varies more across tissues in one person than it does in the same tissue type among individuals. The findings, described 8 May in Science, indicate that the brain’s gene expression signature is unique.

May 2015
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Technique decodes gene sequence and activity in single cells

by  /  27 May 2015

A new method simultaneously reveals a single cell’s DNA sequence and which of its genes are turned on.