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Tag: gene networks

November 2013

Studies map gene expression across brain development

by  /  21 November 2013

Now that genetic studies have implicated several hundred genes in autism, researchers are turning their attention to where and when in the healthy young brain these genes are expressed. The first two studies to tackle these questions appear today in Cell.


SfN 2013 comes to a close

by  /  18 November 2013

A packed week of research at the 2013 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego brought a flurry of breaking news and a creative combination of emerging research tools.

August 2013

New resource catalogs RNA-binding sites of many proteins

by  /  12 August 2013

A new online database lists the likely RNA-binding sites of more than 8,000 proteins from 289 species. Researchers debuted the resource in the 11 July issue of Nature.


Genetics: Network analysis identifies autism pathways

by  /  6 August 2013

Although thousands of candidate genes are linked to autism, many function together in just a few common pathways, according to a network analysis published in the June issue of PLoS Genetics. 

July 2013

Fuzzy network

by  /  5 July 2013

A new network analysis of autism genes, published 11 June in Translational Psychiatry, highlights both the pitfalls and the promise of the approach, says Alan Packer.

June 2013

Study uncovers molecular targets of autism-linked RORA gene

by  /  6 June 2013

RORA, an autism candidate gene, encodes a protein that binds more than 2,500 other genes and alters the expression of some of those genes, according to a study published 22 May in Molecular Autism.

May 2013

Networking tips

by  /  28 May 2013

It is possible to discover relationships between autism genes simply by reanalyzing existing datasets, says Alan Packer.


Scientists home in on key spot in brain for autism risk

by  /  4 May 2013

By analyzing the expression patterns of nine candidate genes for autism, researchers have identified a population of cells and a select time during fetal development that may be key to the disorder.

April 2013

New algorithm plots genes’ relationships

by  /  17 April 2013

A new software algorithm called GAP measures the similarities in the function of more than 19,000 human protein-coding genes, according to a study published 14 March in BMC Systems Biology.


Can you Google your way to a hypothesis?

by  /  1 April 2013

In his Directors’ Column, Alan Packer points out how a number of autism risk genes act on a common cellular pathway regulated by a single protein. What other similar convergent paths might be hiding in the literature? Let’s go on a treasure hunt.