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August 2019
DNA microscopy images of cells glow green and red
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New technique maps molecules through DNA ‘scope’

by  /  9 August 2019

A novel approach to microscopy reveals the sequences and spatial arrangement of DNA within cells.

July 2019
group of dark furred lab mice huddling together.

Mutations tied to autism may alter gut function, microbiome in mice

by  /  11 July 2019

Mutations in the autism gene NLGN3 may alter the gut nervous system of mice.

June 2019
primordial soup of ancient genes and single celled organisms
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Evolution of autism genes hints at their fundamental roles in body

by  /  4 June 2019

Genes associated with autism are ancient, and mutations in them have wide-ranging effects on the body, indicating their importance.

February 2019
Portrait of Ivan Iossifov
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Webinar: Ivan Iossifov discusses genetic variants linked to autism traits

27 February 2019

Watch the complete replay of Ivan Iossifov discussing the genetic basis of autism’s features.

RNA molecules illustration

‘Editing’ of RNA may play sizeable role in autism

by  /  14 February 2019

People with autism may show scant activity in a poorly understood molecular process thought to regulate gene expression.

January 2019
illustration shows woman under umbrella, with genes falling like rain
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Expliquer la résilience à l’autisme peut faire naître de nouvelles thérapies

by  /  18 January 2019

A novel approach to microscopy reveals the sequences and spatial arrangement of DNA within cells1. The tool could help researchers better understand the molecular interactions that underlie autism. Traditional microscopes probe cells’ structure by reflecting electromagnetic radiation (such as light or electrons) off the cells. They enable scientists to see how molecules are arranged in […]

December 2018

Massive analysis refines map of autism’s genetic roots

by  /  19 December 2018

The largest genetic analysis of postmortem brain tissue to date has yielded maps of when and where genes related to autism are turned on and off throughout life.

November 2018
Black and white images shows human neurons grafted onto a mouse brain grow over time.
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Human neurons take root in living mouse brains

by  /  30 November 2018

Neurons grown from human stem cells and grafted onto the brains of live mice mature and form connections like those in the fetal human brain.

Large group of different lab mice: white mice, black and white mice and light brown mice, all in a cage on wood chips.
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Database compares protein function across dozens of mouse strains

by  /  23 November 2018

A new resource details the protein-coding portions of the genomes of 36 popular mouse strains.


Top autism gene may rewire brain by altering expression of other genes

by  /  15 November 2018

The autism gene TBR1 controls the expression of several other candidate genes that govern the architecture of the brain’s outer section.