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Tag: FOXP2

July 2023
Research image of neurons.

Abundant motor proteins disrupt cries in FOXP2 mice

by ,  /  28 July 2023

Knocking down the gene that codes for the proteins normalizes the vocalizations.

March 2021
Genetic sequencing on computer screen in lab setting.

Online library details traits linked to genetic conditions

by  /  31 March 2021

An expanding collection of websites compiles up-to-date information on the characteristics of people with mutations in genes linked to autism and other conditions.

September 2014

Study uncovers link between autism risk gene, language

by  /  30 September 2014

Mutations in TBR1, a candidate gene for autism, compromise its functions and its ability to bind its partners — including FOXP2. Alan Packer explores the gene’s emerging link to language.

April 2014

What the FOX says: Genes that bridge autism, language

by ,  /  29 April 2014

To understand the role of FOXP2, a gene that links autism and language, researchers should look at its partner genes and at language models such as songbirds, say Genevieve Konopka and Todd Roberts.  

January 2014
Research image of neuronal connections in mice.

Molecular mechanisms: FOXP2 leads to new autism gene

by  /  24 January 2014

FOXP2, a language gene that is linked to autism, may regulate active connections between neurons by controlling the levels of a protein called SRPX2, according to a study published 22 November in Science.

May 2013

Simon Fisher: Hunting on the FOXP2 trail

by  /  20 May 2013

Simon Fisher made headlines in 2001 for finding the first gene related to language. He has been following FOXP2 ever since, and has found that it is important in autism and other psychiatric disorders.

January 2013

Network of protein variants suggests new autism genes

by  /  25 January 2013

Researchers have created a network of various forms of many proteins linked to autism, revealing new molecular interactions that may play a role in the disorder. The unpublished work was presented in a poster last week at the Salk Institute, Fondation IPSEN and Nature Symposium on Biological Complexity in La Jolla, California.

October 2012

Video: Language’s variable role in autism

by  /  15 October 2012

In a video interview, Simon Fisher discusses what language genes such as FOXP2 can reveal about the nature of autism.

April 2012

Genetics: Language gene may regulate autism, schizophrenia

by  /  11 April 2012

FOXP2, a protein linked to language development that regulates the expression of some autism-associated genes, also dampens expression of DISC1, mutations in which have been linked to both schizophrenia and autism. The results were published 20 March in Human Molecular Genetics.

March 2012

Scientists link new deficits to FOXP2 mutations in mice

by  /  22 March 2012

Mice with mutations in a gene tied to language impairment and to autism have trouble learning to associate sounds with motor patterns, says a study published last week in PLoS ONE.