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Tag: extreme male brain

November 2020
hands with a red and blue string puzzle.

Book Review: ‘The Pattern Seekers’ links human invention — past, present and future — to autism traits

by  /  10 November 2020

Simon Baron-Cohen’s new book is essentially a 272-page argument for his hypothesis that all human innovation stems from the ability to discern and manipulate causal patterns.

December 2019
Illustration shows fetus with molecules interacting inside the mother's belly

In defense of sex steroids’ role in autism

by ,  /  12 December 2019

Multiple independent studies are revealing evidence suggesting that sex steroids are important in autism.

May 2019
Illustration of a strong man holding up a oversized brain

The extreme male brain, explained

by  /  1 May 2019

The ‘extreme male brain’ theory suggests that autism is an exaggeration of systematic sex differences in ways of thinking.

December 2018
Woman looking into mirror sees words and fragmented reflection.

Why adults need an easier path to autism diagnosis

by  /  18 December 2018

Getting an autism diagnosis can be difficult for many adults, due to the dearth of reliable tests, high costs and bureaucracy.

May 2018
Week of AprilApr

Predictive brain waves; spotting liars; pet peeve and more

by  /  4 May 2018

Brain waves in infancy forecast autism, people with more autism features have trouble detecting lies, and veterinarians battle claims that vaccines cause autism in dogs.

December 2017
Week of DecemberDec

Regression review; gendered association; model tribute and more

by  /  15 December 2017

A sweeping analysis covers evidence of regression in autism, gender dysphoria is linked to autism features, and animal models of autism receive full treatment in a special tribute.

September 2017
Week of AugustAug

Boyish looks; popular pseudoscience; older fathers and more

by  /  1 September 2017

Masculinized features help define children with autism, online autism-parent forums spread pseudoscience, and the United States has more older fathers than ever.

January 2017

Questions for Daphna Joel: Brain sex differences may be mirage

by  /  3 January 2017

Instead of simply listing sex differences in the brain, researchers should consider how sex interacts with other factors to affect the brain, Joel says.

August 2016
Week of AugustAug

Testosterone test; enhancement stance; retirement pan

by  /  5 August 2016

A new study casts doubt on the ‘extreme male brain’ theory of autism, Americans are worried about gene editing, and a Pasteur Institute clash raises questions about scientists’ age.


Memory and sense of self may play more of a role in autism than we thought

by ,  /  3 August 2016

When it comes to recalling personal memories, girls with autism may be more like typical developing girls than like boys with autism.