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September 2019

Training caregivers can help keep autistic children safe

by ,  /  10 September 2019

Behavioral skills training helps ensure that people with autism not only understand a new safety skill but are able to perform it accurately.

July 2019
drawing shows organized lab on left, and the disorder of daily life and community services on the right.
Opinion / Viewpoint

Community delivery of autism therapies lags far behind evidence

by  /  23 July 2019

Most community clinicians do not deliver care that is in line with the latest evidence — and they are not improving over time.

Illustration shows man penned in by Police line "do not cross" yellow tape
Features / Deep Dive

When autistic people commit sexual crimes

by  /  17 July 2019

Many first-time sex offenders on the spectrum may not understand the laws they break. How should their crimes be treated?

May 2019
view of Montreal skyline

Takeaways from INSAR 2019

by  /  6 May 2019

Preventable injuries are the leading cause of death for Canadians under the age of 45. Unfortunately, individuals with autism are two to three times as likely to experience a preventable injury as those without. Children with autism are particularly prone to poisoning, suffocation and wandering that can lead to death by drowning or vehicular accident. They […]

View of downtown Montreal

Reactions from INSAR 2019

by  /  4 May 2019

The autism research community is gathering in Montreal, Canada, this week for the meeting of the International Society for Autism Research.

April 2019
Illustration of scientists trying to piece together a female head in marble
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Dutch project aims to raise awareness of autism in women

by  /  30 April 2019

A new network in the Netherlands is focused on problems and solutions specific to autistic girls and women.

Boy wearing his backpack, outside

Children who outgrow autism label end up with other diagnoses

by  /  25 April 2019

Nearly all children who lose their autism diagnosis have other conditions, such as anxiety and language and behavioral disorders.

Illustration of a child seen in front of cables, with matching cables in the brain area not fully connected
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Families need guidance before buying a communication app for autism

by  /  23 April 2019

The popularity of mobile devices offers families the promise of communication with their autistic child, but success is more than a click away.

March 2019
College age students taking a test

How the college admissions cheating scandal hurts students with disabilities

by , ,  /  15 March 2019

In the wake of this week’s college admissions cheating scandal, families and advocates are worried about a backlash that could make it harder for students with legitimate disabilities to get the accommodations the need.

January 2019
Researchers and doctors interacting with family with genetic syndrome
Opinion / Viewpoint

Reaching out to families can inspire new autism research

by  /  29 January 2019

For students and early-career investigators, opportunities to meet and talk with the people they are trying to help underscores why the work matters.