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Tag: DISC1

January 2014

Molecular mechanisms: FOXP2 leads to new autism gene

by  /  24 January 2014

FOXP2, a language gene that is linked to autism, may regulate active connections between neurons by controlling the levels of a protein called SRPX2, according to a study published 22 November in Science.

November 2013

Genetics: Brain development pathway linked to autism

by  /  26 November 2013

Individuals with autism may carry genetic variants in a pathway important for brain development, according to a study published in September in Translational Psychiatry.

May 2013

Molecular mechanisms: Maternal infection modifies histones

by  /  7 May 2013

Infection during pregnancy may alter the chemical tags that are added to histones, proteins that form a spool for DNA, according to a study published 9 February in Brain, Behavior and Immunity. Drugs that target these tags may treat neuropsychiatric disorders, the researchers say.

January 2013

Fluorescent fish help track mitochondrial motion

by  /  16 January 2013

Fish engineered to express fluorescent proteins allow researchers to follow the paths of migrating mitochondria, the cell’s energy producers, according to a study published 14 November in The Journal of Neuroscience.

December 2012

Molecular mechanisms: Autism genes regulate cell sensors

by  /  18 December 2012

Genes involved in neuropsychiatric disorders tend to be required for the formation of primary cilia — small tentacles on the cell surface that sense the external environment — according to a study published 3 October in PLoS One.

October 2012

Stem cells reveal genes that have parental bias

by  /  31 October 2012

Researchers have used stem cells to identify 801 neuronal genes that are preferentially expressed from either the maternal or paternal chromosome, according to a study published 30 August in PLoS One. Of these genes, 26 are linked to autism and 48 to schizophrenia. 

April 2012

Genetics: Language gene may regulate autism, schizophrenia

by  /  11 April 2012

FOXP2, a protein linked to language development that regulates the expression of some autism-associated genes, also dampens expression of DISC1, mutations in which have been linked to both schizophrenia and autism. The results were published 20 March in Human Molecular Genetics.


Molecular mechanisms: Autism gene modulates connectivity

by  /  10 April 2012

Neurons lacking PTEN, an autism-associated gene also involved in cancer, are hyperconnected to both near and distant brain cells, according to a study published 1 February in The Journal of Neuroscience.

March 2012

Molecular mechanisms: Autism protein forms aggregates

by  /  13 March 2012

DISC1, an autism-associated protein, can form large aggregates that deplete the amount of functional DISC1 in cells, according to a study published 14 February in Human Molecular Genetics.

February 2012

Genetics: Autism, Tourette syndrome genes overlap

by  /  15 February 2012

Genes implicated in Tourette syndrome overlap with those involved in autism, according to an analysis of rare DNA duplications and deletions in people with the syndrome, published in the March issue of Biological Psychiatry.