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Tag: diagnostic tests

November 2014

Screening tools for autism translated for use in India

by  /  5 November 2014

Standard screening tools translated into Hindi and Bengali reliably distinguish Indian children with autism from their unaffected peers.

August 2014

Tools for autism screening must vary with language, culture

by  /  1 August 2014

At its core, autism is the same disorder worldwide. But most screening methods for the disorder were developed in the U.K. and U.S., and linguistic and cultural differences can alter their performance elsewhere.

July 2014

Why inferring autism’s causes from epidemiology is dangerous

by  /  29 July 2014

Epidemiological ‘just-so’ stories, which infer causes of autism from general trends in prevalence, are in danger of repeating the mistakes of social Darwinism, says Mayada Elsabbagh.


Severity metric helps studies address autism’s variability

by  /  23 July 2014

A new method for measuring severity in disorders such as autism can help researchers correct for the widely varying autism symptoms in the study participants, according to a paper published 2 May in NeuroImage.


Computer vision may aid in screening for autism

by  /  16 July 2014

New algorithms can analyze recordings of infants performing tasks that gauge their attention, suggesting a way to automate the detection of autism symptoms.


The urgent need to shorten autism’s diagnostic odyssey

by ,  /  15 July 2014

With the rate of autism now at 1 in 68 people and climbing, the need for solutions that reach the risk population more quickly and effectively has never been more real, say Dennis Wall and Glenn Saxe.

May 2014

Policy set to reduce gender inequality in biomedical studies

by  /  30 May 2014

A new policy that aims to eliminate gender bias in animal and cell-based biomedical research is outlined in the 15 May Nature.


Autism development may be obscured by parents’ memory

by  /  17 May 2014

Parents may notice a loss of skills in their children as it is happening, but do not recall it clearly later on. The unpublished research, presented yesterday at the 2014 International Meeting for Autism Research in Atlanta, hints at a fatal flaw in diagnostic tools for autism that rely on parents’ memory.


Proposal to diagnose autism from home videos draws criticism

by  /  1 May 2014

Untrained volunteers can reliably detect signs of autism in children by watching home videos of the children posted on YouTube, suggests a study published 16 April in PLoS One. But critics say fundamental design flaws in the study undermine its results.

April 2014

Screening toddlers for autism is worthwhile

by ,  /  29 April 2014

A Norwegian study published in February suggested that the Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers fails to detect many cases of autism at 18 months of age. The creators of the test explain why there’s more to the story.