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August 2015
Week of AugustAug

Spotted: Bioethics backlash; screening strife

by  /  7 August 2015

Ethicists need to “get out of the way” of CRISPR, and researchers rally around routine screening for autism.


Experts balk at lack of support for routine autism screening

by  /  6 August 2015

A decision by a U.S. task force to withhold support for early autism screening could have dangerous consequences, researchers say.

July 2015

Test detects unusual sense of smell in children with autism

by  /  24 July 2015

Children with autism may not inhale sweet and foul scents through their noses the way other children do.

Week of JulyJul

Spotted: High hopes; remote diagnosis

by  /  10 July 2015

Marijuana gets scrutiny as an autism treatment, and a new app may enable remote diagnosis of autism.

June 2015

Large Swedish study casts doubt on autism ‘epidemic’

by  /  12 June 2015

Although increasing numbers of people are receiving an autism diagnosis, the proportion of the population with autism symptoms has remained steady. This finding, from a study of more than 1 million Swedish children, backs the theory that autism’s rise stems from greater awareness of the disorder.

May 2015

Listening to parents can help docs see early autism signs

by  /  15 May 2015

Parents can spot early signs of autism in their children but doctors don’t always listen to them, suggest two new studies.

April 2015

Gene levels in blood forecast autism risk in toddlers

by  /  20 April 2015

A panel of genes expressed in blood may identify toddlers who will later be diagnosed with autism.


Genes dwarf environment in autism’s origins, study says

by  /  6 April 2015

The genetic makeup of an individual plays much a bigger role than environmental factors in whether he or she develops autism, according to one of the largest twin studies to date.

March 2015

How to make sure autism isn’t lost in translation

by  /  27 March 2015

With the help of Korean mothers, doctors and teachers, researchers have created a culturally appropriate translation of an information kit on autism.


False diagnoses inflate autism rate in India

by  /  17 March 2015

Rushed doctors and lack of culturally appropriate screening tools are boosting autism diagnoses in India.