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Tag: diagnostic tests

April 2016

Living between genders

by  /  13 April 2016

‘Trans’ people with autism express a gender at odds with societal expectations, or reject the male-female divide entirely. Many are breaking new ground on how identity is defined — and what it means to also have autism.

Week of MarchMar

New numbers; film flub; diversity deficiency

by  /  1 April 2016

Researchers get bold on autism screening, talking to reporters about science shouldn’t be scary, and parents are divided on gene-editing ethics.

March 2016

Diagnostic tests for women with autism fall short

by  /  11 March 2016

Women with autism show fewer repetitive behaviors than men with the condition on a standard diagnostic test, leading to possible underdiagnoses.

January 2016

Autism rates among preschoolers signal gaps in detection

by  /  11 January 2016

The rate of autism among 4-year-olds is lower than that among 8-year-olds, suggesting that many children go undiagnosed until they start school.


To screen or not to screen: That is not the question

by  /  5 January 2016

Instead of debating about whether to screen all children for autism, we should be looking for better ways to identify children at risk and help them access services.

December 2015
Week of DecemberDec

Cautionary tale; lighter load; name game

by  /  18 December 2015

Prenatal screening for some disorders crosses into dangerous territory, researchers spurn paperwork in favor of science, and a list of hilarious paper titles will make your day.

November 2015

An overdue query in autism science: What, exactly, is autism?

by  /  30 November 2015

As powerful genetic tools identify increasing numbers of autism genes, scientists are parsing the pool of autism into new syndromes, each with a distinct genetic origin.

Week of NovemberNov

Ad-ing costs; troubling tests; smart money

by  /  27 November 2015

A U.S. medical association wants to ban drug companies from advertising to consumers, some autism tests can have dangerous consequences, and granting agencies need to promote reproducible science.


Hormone levels during pregnancy tied to autism risk

by  /  20 November 2015

An analysis of prenatal screening test results fuels the theory that abnormal levels of steroid hormones in the womb wire the developing brain for autism.


Survey switch may explain rise in new autism stats

by  /  13 November 2015

About 1 in 45 children in the U.S. have autism, up 79 percent from the estimate for 2013. But there is more to the apparent jump in diagnoses than meets the eye.