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Tag: connectivity theory

April 2012

Molecular mechanisms: Autism gene modulates connectivity

by  /  10 April 2012

Neurons lacking PTEN, an autism-associated gene also involved in cancer, are hyperconnected to both near and distant brain cells, according to a study published 1 February in The Journal of Neuroscience.

March 2012

Cognition and behavior: Brain changes tied to autism severity

by  /  16 March 2012

Adults with autism have regional differences in brain volume in areas that play a role in social behavior and communication compared with controls, according to a large study published in the February issue of Archives of General Psychiatry. The differences correlate with the severity of autism symptoms, the study also shows.

January 2012

Mapping whole-brain networks may untangle autism’s roots

by  /  23 January 2012

Analyzing the organization of whole-brain structural networks could reveal differences in the way brains of children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders are wired.

November 2011

A case for the importance of interneurons in autism

by ,  /  22 November 2011

The etiology of autism may be best understood as an impairment of neuronal circuits, specifically interneurons that dampen signals in the brain, says neuroscientist Gordon Fishell.  


Meta-analysis refines understanding of brain function

by  /  15 November 2011

Scientists are analyzing more than 7,000 studies of functional magnetic resonance imaging to refine the role of various regions in the brain, according to unpublished work presented Monday at the 2011 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, D.C.


Video: What monkeys can teach us about autism

by  /  12 November 2011

Earl Miller tells how monkeys inspired his theory for the cognitive deficits in autism.


Motor problems in autism move into research focus

by  /  3 November 2011

Many children with autism have a range of motor issues — such as head lag, floppy arms and difficulty sitting up — beginning in the first few months of life, according to an emerging body of work.

September 2011

Molecular mechanisms: Fragile X brains have altered synapses

by  /  21 September 2011

Neurons in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome make more connections during a critical period in development compared with controls, but are slower to respond to signals.


Cognition and behavior: Autism brains have abnormal links

by  /  9 September 2011

The brains of boys with autism have a lower-than-normal rate of water diffusion across the inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus — a bundle of neurons that connects all four major lobes of the brain, according to a new study.

July 2011

Brains of toddlers with autism out of sync

by  /  11 July 2011

Many toddlers with autism have weak connections between the two sides of the brain, according to the first-ever analysis of brain connections in young children with the disorder, published 23 June in Neuron.