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September 2013

Benjamin Philpot explains Angelman drug prospects

 /  25 September 2013

Watch the complete replay of Benjamin Philpot discussing the possibility of pharmacologically turning on a silent gene to treat Angelman syndrome. Submit follow-up questions.


How does the body dictate speech?

by  /  2 September 2013

A shifting understanding of the role of motor control in people with autism who also have speech deficits raises important questions about language development in the disorder.

August 2013

Can epilepsy cause autism?

by  /  26 August 2013

Teasing apart the link between autism and epilepsy opens the door for a possible preventive option for some cases of autism. But is the potential worth the risks?


Abnormal brain immune cells: Autism’s cause or result?

by  /  19 August 2013

Mounting evidence finds abnormally high levels of immune cells in the brains of people with autism. But how do we separate cause from effect?


Can sensory deficits explain autism?

by  /  5 August 2013

A new study looking at an auditory reflex raises important questions about whether autism is fundamentally a problem of high-level processing or something that arises from early disruptions in perceptual processing.

July 2013

Where will the immunity-brain connection lead us?

by  /  29 July 2013

New findings identifying the targets of antibodies found in mothers of children with autism add to mounting evidence that the prenatal immune environment can alter fetal brain development, and perhaps lead to autism. Now what?


How do we help adults who have a ‘childhood’ disorder?

by  /  22 July 2013

Numerous studies detail the complex challenges and the dearth of treatments that people with autism face as they mature into adulthood. Why are there so few solutions?


Francesca Happe presents ‘fractionated triad’ model

 /  24 July 2013

Watch the complete replay of Francesca Happé discussing how autism’s constellation of symptoms may have independent biological causes. Submit your own follow-up questions.


What’s the best route to a brain map?

by  /  8 July 2013

A new three-dimensional, whole-brain model provides an unprecedented level of detail of the brain and its connections. Can it be used to study autism?


Is it time to rethink head size?

by  /  1 July 2013

A new analysis challenges the long-reported correlation between autism and abnormally large head circumference, begging the question: Should head size matter?