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November 2008

Older parents and autism

by  /  7 November 2008

First-born children of women older than 35 and men older than 40 are three times more likely to develop autism than later children of younger parents, according to a large epidemiological study in the United States.


Blame it on the rain

by  /  4 November 2008

Autism rates are higher in states where it rains more, according to a report thatʼs in newspapers everywhere today. Say what?!

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John Constantino: Educating communities about autism’s complexities

by  /  3 November 2008

In the fall of 1980, when he left his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, for undergraduate studies at Cornell University in upstate New York, John Constantino was determined to pursue one of two careers: a doctor or a school teacher.

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October 2008

TSC genes required for axon formation, study says

by  /  29 October 2008

Mutations in the two genes that cause the disease tuberous sclerosis complex, or TSC, interfere with the normal formation of axons, the long and thin strands that conduct electrical signals between brain cells, researchers contend in a report in Genes and Development.

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In search of meaningful copy number variations

by  /  24 October 2008

In the past few months, researchers have published dozens of reports linking single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with susceptibility to a range of common diseases.


Rational beings

by  /  23 October 2008

One of the hallmarks of autism is a tendency to be somewhat emotionally detached. This is of course talked about as mostly a negative thing, but research published in the October 15 Journal of Neuroscience suggests there may be an upside.


Researchers find sleep, not sedation, ideal for imaging children

by  /  20 October 2008

In imaging studies of children with autism, researchers are increasingly turning to methods that enhance natural sleep, rather than the traditional approach of sedating the children.


Science, not politics

by  /  16 October 2008

Last nightʼs debate was fascinating on several levels, but leaving the punditry to pundits, I was struck by the fact that, once again, both candidates brought up autism. Apart from AIDS, I donʼt recall a single health issue that has received more attention from presidential candidates.


Seeking genes that protect from autism

by  /  14 October 2008

In the past few years, scientists have uncovered a handful of genes that increase the risk of autism. In an interesting twist, others are instead looking for genetic factors that protect from autism.

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Chinese study reports no difference in schizophrenia CNV rate

by  /  9 October 2008

People with schizophrenia have roughly the same rate of copy number variations as do healthy controls, according to a study in the Chinese Han population published in Molecular Psychiatry.

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