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March 2015

Randy Buckner discusses the brain’s default network

 /  25 March 2015

Watch the complete replay of Randy Buckner’s webinar discussing ‘daydreaming’ brain circuitry and what it might reveal about autism.


The social network: How everyday interactions shape autism

by  /  23 March 2015

A new study is the first rigorous test of a controversial idea: that the everyday interactions between caregiver and child can shape the course of autism.

February 2015
Week of FebruaryFeb

Spotted: Brain boom; cure conundrum

by  /  20 February 2015

Investors pour money into ‘brain medicines,’ and people with autism debate the need for a cure.


Children with autism sweat over lack of rewards

by  /  3 February 2015

Children with autism don’t find social situations as rewarding as their peers do, according to a popular theory. A new study suggests they instead have trouble adjusting expectations when awaiting a reward that never comes.

January 2015

‘Tooth Fairy’ works magic to unearth new autism genes

by  /  12 January 2015

By analyzing stem cells derived from baby teeth, researchers have tracked a child’s autism to mutations in a gene called TRPC6. The molecular saga highlights a painless way to probe the role some genes play in autism.

December 2014

Understanding aggression in autism

by ,  /  5 December 2014

Two new studies explore the link between autism and aggression — a controversial connection that weighs heavily on individuals with the disorder and their families.

November 2014

Social language lapses hint at syndrome distinct from autism

by  /  4 November 2014

Some siblings of children with autism have social language impairments that may signal another, more controversial disorder.

October 2014

Searching for psychiatrists with expertise in autism

by  /  17 October 2014

There is an urgent need for psychiatrists who are trained to care for individuals with autism. Matthew Siegel calls for a formal training program in autism for psychiatrists.


Restricted behaviors link autism, attention deficit

by ,  /  10 October 2014

Restricted behaviors in autism represent a genetic link with inattention and hyperactivity in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, say Tinca Polderman and Henrik Larsson.

September 2014

New therapy shows promise for infants with signs of autism

by  /  25 September 2014

A new interaction-based therapy delivered by parents may improve behavior and language skills in infants with autism symptoms, suggests a small pilot study.