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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: attention

November 2016
video game screen view

Fish game catches cognitive problems in children

by  /  9 November 2016

A video game that involves reacting to colored fish can help researchers spot subtle attention problems in children with certain conditions.


Medication, parent coaching quell hyperactivity in autism

by  /  1 November 2016

A drug called atomoxetine eases hyperactivity in children who have both autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

October 2016
researchers study the human eye

Visual system may offer glimpse of autism’s effects in brain

by ,  /  25 October 2016

Studying the visual system could help scientists understand how autism alters neural functioning in the brain.

September 2016

Parents battle for children’s mental health services at school

by ,  /  21 September 2016

One in five children in the United States have a psychiatric condition, but schools often lack the training and resources they need to give these students the support they need.

August 2016

The controversy over autism’s most common therapy

by  /  10 August 2016

Applied behavioral analysis is the most widely used therapy for autism, but some people say its drills and routines are cruel, and its aims misguided.


Timing is key to understanding sensory, social issues in autism

by  /  9 August 2016

Individuals with autism have trouble reading social cues because their brains connect sights and sounds over unusually long periods of time.

July 2016

People with autism can read emotions, feel empathy

by ,  /  12 July 2016

The notion that people with autism lack empathy and cannot recognize other people’s feelings is wrong.

June 2016
Week of JuneJun

Probing parenting; connectome conference; women at the bench

by  /  17 June 2016

A grant extends a study on parenting children with fragile X syndrome, the Human Connectome Project progresses, and women scientists play the role of experimenter in published work.

Animation: A woman holding a crying baby stands on a busy street corner. Around her, there are cars driving, people walking, a bustling city.

Talking sense: What sensory processing disorder says about autism

by  /  1 June 2016

Some children are highly sensitive to sound, sight or touch, whereas others seem almost numb. Exploring the differences may offer insights into autism.

May 2016

Through play, children with autism can hone thinking skills

by  /  31 May 2016

Clinicians can use play to deliver therapies that could improve a child’s social skills, language and certain cognitive capacities.