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May 2013
Opinion / Viewpoint

Music for maladies

by  /  31 May 2013

The lack of substantial evidence to support the use of music therapies for autism limits its implementation in schools and clinics, says Anjana Bhat.

July 2012

Music’s meaning

by  /  24 July 2012

People with autism respond emotionally to music, they just have trouble expressing it, according to a study in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

June 2012

Sensory experience

by  /  12 June 2012

A Dutch multimedia project attempts to convey how people with autism experience the world.

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February 2012

Music reigns

by  /  21 February 2012

Brain imaging studies of people with autism show that specific areas respond more strongly to song than do those of controls. The opposite is true when listening to speech.

October 2011
Opinion / Reviews

Theater review: The lion roars, quietly

by  /  7 October 2011

A special performance on Sunday of The Lion King created a comfortable environment for children with autism and their families to enjoy the theater.

September 2011

Comic relief

by  /  16 September 2011

An adventure story about a boy with autism is making an appearance in a popular comic book.

May 2011

Clinical research: Theater improves social skills in children with autism

by  /  3 May 2011

Children with autism who participate in a specialized drama program show improvements in face identification and theory of mind, the ability to infer what others are thinking, according to a study published in the April issue of the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

March 2011

Cognition and behavior: Music is promising autism therapy

by  /  15 March 2011

Integrating music into interventions helps children who have autism with their social skills, language and behavior. But methods should be standardized and tested for effectiveness at home, according to a meta-analysis published in January in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

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May 2008
News / Profiles

Ami Klin & Warren Jones: Melding art and science for autism

by  /  6 May 2008

Sitting on a sofa in his office at the Yale Child Study Center, Ami Klin plays a movie clip on a tiny laptop. The clip stars a younger Klin, with larger glasses but the same easy smile, vying for the attention of a young girl with autism. His face inches from hers, he speaks in a warm, animated voice. But the girl never looks from the toy blocks in her hands. Suddenly, she spots an orange M&M in the far corner of the room and scoots after it.

January 2008
Opinion / Reviews

Autism and the arts: “Lucy” captures disorder’s complexity

by  /  28 January 2008

Itʼs not often that movies, books and plays represent science accurately, or with a true and empathetic understanding of its complexity.