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Spectrum: Autism Research News

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October 2018
A woman stands at an ATM in a mall scene, looking at a camera

How virtual reality is transforming autism studies

by  /  24 October 2018

Researchers and autistic artists exploring virtual reality to study, treat and simulate autism traits.

July 2018
Week of JulyJul

Anxiety app; favorite things; overheard words and more

by  /  13 July 2018

An app may help people with autism manage anxiety, adults on the spectrum share the items they use to self-soothe, and autistic children can pick up new words by overhearing them.

June 2018
Illustration: on the left, a person plays a video game in an arcade. On the right, a scientist stands in front of scientific instruments.

How to game the search for autism treatments

by  /  20 June 2018

An expanding arcade of video games takes aim at easing autism traits, from poor visual attention to problems with motor skills. But how useful — and fun — are these games, really?

May 2018
Week of MayMay

Cerebral palsy connection; misleading expressions; multiple maladies and more

by  /  18 May 2018

New evidence links autism and cerebral palsy at the genetic level, facial expressions tend to mislead, and many health conditions accompany autism.

April 2018
Week of AprilApr

Randomized trial repository; Beijing brain center; global science march and more

by  /  20 April 2018

Scientists release a list of all randomized controlled trials of autism treatments, China establishes a brain center for an ambitious new project, and people around the world march for science again.

Week of AprilApr

Budget boom; CRISPR retraction; basketball benefit and more

by  /  6 April 2018

With one exception, budget allocations are booming for U.S. science agencies, a CRISPR paper that shook faith has been retracted, and professional basketball teams build sensory rooms for fans on the spectrum.

January 2018
Week of JanuaryJan

Pollutant surprise; monkey clones; researchers rattled and more

by  /  26 January 2018

Researchers find a surprising link between certain pollutants and reduced autism risk, the world welcomes — and fears — the first primate clones, and new U.S. clinical trial rules reverberate globally.

December 2017

2017 in pictures: Spectrum’s picks for best images

by  /  22 December 2017

We asked autism researchers to enter the Spectrum science image contest. Here are the top pics.

Week of DecemberDec

Regression review; gendered association; model tribute and more

by  /  15 December 2017

A sweeping analysis covers evidence of regression in autism, gender dysphoria is linked to autism features, and animal models of autism receive full treatment in a special tribute.


Review: ‘Uncommon Sense’ exquisitely explores autism’s sensory experiences

by  /  5 December 2017

The play dexterously depicts the struggles — sensory and social — of four characters who occupy distinct places on the autism spectrum.