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Tag: 15q11-13

November 2014

Feisty mice may reveal autism gene’s link to aggression

by  /  20 November 2014

Varying the number of copies of a single autism-linked gene modulates social behavior and aggression in mice, according to unpublished results presented yesterday at the 2014 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, D.C.


Different autism subtypes share same genetic signature

by  /  20 November 2014

A rare form of autism linked to a duplication of the 15q11-13 chromosomal region shares a molecular signature with more common forms of the disorder, suggests unpublished research presented yesterday at the 2014 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, D.C.


Some autism risk arose during human evolution

by  /  11 November 2014

Evolution may have made people susceptible to certain genetic variations that can lead to autism, suggest two intriguing new studies.

October 2014

Seizures trigger autism-like behaviors in mice

by  /  23 October 2014

Mice with an extra copy of the autism-linked gene UBE3A show abnormal social behavior after experiencing recurrent seizures. The findings, presented Tuesday at the Autism Consortium Research Symposium in Boston, provide one possible explanation for why seizures and autism often go hand in hand.

September 2014

Questions for Lawrence Reiter: Extracting clues from teeth

by  /  9 September 2014

Neurologist Lawrence Reiter is growing neurons from the discarded teeth of children with neurological syndromes. Here he describes how dental pulp may help researchers find the genes and pathways that underlie autism symptoms.

August 2014

Large genetic deletion leads to autism, but not always

by  /  21 August 2014

To characterize people who carry deletions in 16p11.2 and 15q13.3, genetic regions linked to autism, two studies published this summer looked in detail at dozens of people with either deletion. The studies found that deletions in these regions lead to diverse symptoms that only sometimes include autism. 

May 2014

Misdirected neurons may underlie autism symptoms

by  /  13 May 2014

Proteins that help guide neurons to their correct destination in the brain may be involved in autism, says Christopher Cowan.

April 2014

Clinical research: Seizures common with 15q11-13 duplication

by  /  18 April 2014

People with duplications of the 15q11-13 chromosomal region, which is linked to certain neurological disorders, can experience a variety of seizures, according to a study published 6 February in Epilepsia. They may also respond better to some seizure medications than others.

January 2014

Study pinpoints autism gene in mutation-prone region

by  /  27 January 2014

Mutations in FAN1, a gene in the 15q13.3 chromosomal region, raise the risk of neuropsychiatric disorders including autism and schizophrenia, according to a new study published 7 January in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

December 2013

Genetics: Prader-Willi syndrome gene is new autism candidate

by  /  10 December 2013

Mutations in a single gene in 15q11.13 — a chromosomal region linked to multiple neurological disorders — may increase the risk of autism, according a study published in November in Nature Genetics.