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Expert opinions on trends and controversies in autism research.

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October 2017
Illustration of two people speaking into a speech bubble.
Opinion / Viewpoint

To partner with autism community, welcome dissenting opinions

by  /  10 October 2017

Giving the autism community a voice in research means engaging in meaningful dialogue, not just making token gestures.

September 2017
Illustration of people sitting at a party with looming shadows.
Opinion / Viewpoint

Suicidal tendencies hard to spot in some people with autism

by  /  26 September 2017

To effectively screen for suicidality in people with autism, we need to learn how to ask questions that lead to real answers.

Illustration of Protein factories at neuronal junctions
Opinion / Viewpoint

Protein factories at neuronal junctions take center stage in autism

by ,  /  12 September 2017

Some genes linked to autism regulate the production of proteins at neuronal junctions, suggesting that disrupted protein synthesis contributes to the condition.

Illustration of woman scratching her head looking at a web of signs.
Opinion / Viewpoint

Adolescents with autism need access to better sex education

by  /  5 September 2017

Sex education in schools needs to be adapted for teens on the spectrum so they can approach relationships in a way that is safe, confident and healthy.

August 2017
Illustration of pregnant woman standing in the dark, looking toward a doorway letting light into the room.
Opinion / Viewpoint

Studying pregnant women with autism may offer clues to the condition

by ,  /  22 August 2017

Following women with autism through pregnancy and beyond may reveal factors that shape the likelihood of autism in their children.

Opinion / Viewpoint

Vaccination: Costly clash between autonomy, public health

by ,  /  15 August 2017

Every state in the country should require that all children be vaccinated before attending school.

Opinion / Viewpoint

Tendency to ‘freeze’ may be measurable feature of autism

by ,  /  1 August 2017

Many adolescents with autism experience catatonia, a quantifiable decline in motor ability.

July 2017
Opinion / Viewpoint

Choice of method may influence brain imaging results in autism

by  /  25 July 2017

Small differences in brain imaging methods can have large effects on results.

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Opinion / Viewpoint

Autism research needs a dose of social science

by  /  18 July 2017

Academics in disciplines such as law, history and the arts have the potential to make extensive contributions to the lives of people with autism.

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Opinion / Viewpoint

Why model autism programs are rare in public schools

by  /  11 July 2017

The United States is failing most of its half million school-age children with autism by not giving them a good education.


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