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Beyond the bench: A conversation with Nicola Grissom

by  /  17 July 2018

Mouse-model researcher Nicola Grissom snacks on chocolate-covered espresso beans and pops bubble wrap to stay focused.

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Two doctors look at a brain scan with a "fingerprint" pattern over the grey matter area.

Unique brain ‘fingerprints’ may narrow search for autism subtypes

by ,  /  10 July 2018
Grouping people with autism based on their unique brain-activity ‘fingerprints’ may help to identify subtypes of the condition.
Opinion / Viewpoint

How the new U.S. ‘Right to Try’ law could harm people with autism

by  /  3 July 2018
People with autism already have access to experimental treatments; the new law could make that access more dangerous.
Opinion / Viewpoint

Genetic testing, counseling crucial in people with developmental delay

by ,  /  19 June 2018
Referring children with developmental delay to a clinical geneticist for testing and counseling helps families and advances research.

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Illustration of scientists on ladder shining flashlight into a human brain with a raincloud inside.
Opinion / Viewpoint

Why we need screens for depression in people with autism

by ,  /  26 June 2018

The instruments clinicians use to diagnose depression in people with autism cannot capture its unique presentation in this group.

Opinion / Viewpoint

How separating children from parents causes irreparable harm

by  /  26 June 2018

Science teaches us that housing children in institution-like settings is likely to cause severe and permanent damage to their minds and bodies.

Big baby plays with two connected rings while two scientists with clipboards look on.
Opinion / Viewpoint

Traits of other conditions may spur autism

by ,  /  12 June 2018

Early features of other conditions may contribute to autism itself

Opinion / Viewpoint

Abridged autism assessment speeds access to therapy

by  /  5 June 2018

A new strategy for diagnosing autism shortens the evaluation process — and the wait for answers.

An ambulance and a police car on a city street, lights on.
Opinion / Viewpoint

Training first responders to recognize autism may avert tragedies

by ,  /  29 May 2018

A lack of training for first responders, combined with the communication difficulties of people with autism, can create dangerous misunderstandings.

Figures along the top of a cliff, reaching for the papers falling from the sky and circulating in the air currents.
Opinion / Columnists / Gene jockey

How I learned to stop worrying and love preprints

by  /  22 May 2018

Preprints are gaining traction in biology, but some researchers have lingering concerns. Should they?

Opinion / Columnists / Community concerns

In DSM-5, guidance on girls with autism is short but savvy

by  /  9 May 2018

The DSM-5 acknowledges how gender shapes autism more than any previous diagnostic manual has, but it’s time to fold in a few new findings.

Opinion / Viewpoint

Narrowing of ‘autism’ in DSM-5 runs counter to idea of broad spectrum

by ,  /  9 May 2018

The strict definition of autism in the latest version of the diagnostic manual is antithetical to the idea that autism comes in a wide variety of forms.

Opinion / Viewpoint

The DSM-5 has not improved services for autistic adults

by  /  9 May 2018

Since the DSM-5’s debut, schoolchildren have gained stronger legal rights and better opportunities for accessing services; for adults, it’s a different story.

Opinion / Viewpoint

Intellectual disability’s introduction in the DSM-5: What’s the impact?

by  /  9 May 2018

The move to replace ‘mental retardation’ with ‘intellectual disability’ is widely accepted, but little data exist on the impact of this change.

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