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Emerging tools and techniques that may advance autism research.

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January 2015

Synthetic tags light up, destroy neurons in living mice

by  /  7 January 2015

Researchers have repurposed a technique called SNAP-tag labeling to illuminate and manipulate subsets of neurons in mice.

December 2014

Genetic encyclopedia highlights human-mouse differences

by  /  24 December 2014

Although mice and humans have many genes in common, a new catalog highlights significant differences in how these genes are regulated. This resource, dubbed mouse ENCODE, clarifies the extent to which mice can accurately model complex human diseases such as autism.


Method isolates protein complexes from neuronal junctions

by  /  17 December 2014

Researchers have for the first time isolated and characterized protein complexes found at the points of connection between neurons. Mutations in some of these proteins are linked to autism.


Two-armed microscope glimpses multiple brain areas

by  /  10 December 2014

A customized microscope with moveable arms lets researchers simultaneously watch neurons fire in two areas of a mouse brain.


Recipe allows access to structures deep within large tissues

by  /  3 December 2014

A new method called iDISCO makes tissue more transparent and permeable to antibodies, allowing researchers a deeper view into the brain and other organs.

November 2014

See-through sensor offers window into brain activity

by  /  26 November 2014

A transparent sensor crafted from thin sheets of carbon allows researchers to record brain activity in mice, reports a paper published 20 October in Nature Communications.


Method provides reference map for brain connectivity patterns

by  /  19 November 2014

A new mathematical method helps researchers understand how brain connectivity in individuals varies from group norms.


Sensors shed light on levels of chemical messengers in mice

by  /  12 November 2014

Cells modified to carry fluorescent sensors can help researchers detect the levels of various chemical messengers in the brains of living mice.


Screening tools for autism translated for use in India

by  /  5 November 2014

Standard screening tools translated into Hindi and Bengali reliably distinguish Indian children with autism from their unaffected peers.

October 2014

Large autism cell line collection offers genetic insights

by  /  29 October 2014

Researchers have created a repository of nearly 180 cell lines from people with autism or fragile X syndrome, they reported 1 October in Stem Cells Translational Medicine.


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