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Emerging tools and techniques that may advance autism research.

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August 2018

Two new sensors track chemical signals in brains of living animals

by  /  24 August 2018

Novel sensors enable researchers to monitor the activity of two signaling chemicals in the brains of living fruit flies and mice.

electrode cap on a styrofoam head model.

Multipart device monitors various senses in babies

by  /  17 August 2018

A new assemblage of tools precisely gauges a baby’s biological response to sights, sounds and tactile stimuli all at once.

Rhesus macaque making a funny face.

Three distinct brain systems underlie monkey social skills

by  /  10 August 2018

A new map shows three brain networks that govern social communication in rhesus macaques.


Technique tracks molecules that drive learning in brain

by  /  3 August 2018

A new method enables scientists to monitor the activity of key molecules involved in the growth and remodeling of connections in the brain.

July 2018

Machine rapidly sorts cells after learning their shape

by  /  27 July 2018

Researchers have developed a way to quickly sift through thousands of cells, isolating only those of interest.

A red and blue pattern of genes.

Algorithm flags harmful mutations in single copies of genes

by  /  20 July 2018

A new tool can predict a genetic problem called ‘haploinsufficiency’ in which a mutation impairs the function of one copy of a gene.


Glowing capsule illuminates problems in gut

by  /  13 July 2018

An ingestible electronic capsule enables researchers to instantaneously detect molecules associated with gastrointestinal issues.

neurons glow red or green, indicating how they work to control movements in mice

Tube of light illuminates groups of neurons in action

by  /  6 July 2018

Shining laser light into mouse brains reveals chatter among separate sets of neurons, showing how the cells produce complex behaviors.

June 2018
tangles of brightly colored RNA, DNA and enzymes

Refined versions of gene-editing tool increase its versatility

by  /  29 June 2018

Four new techniques expand the repertoire of the gene editor CRISPR.

Mom holding crying toddler

New parent surveys expand autism screening to infants, minorities

by  /  22 June 2018

Two new parent questionnaires could help clinicians identify autism in babies and in members of racial or ethnic minority groups.


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