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Spotted around the web: Week of 26 November 2018

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November 26th

Research roundup

  • Altered gene expression in the blood and associated brain responses to speech may reflect language ability in toddlers with autism. Nature Neuroscience
  • Children with autism can learn two languages if given enough exposure to them, according to a new study. Autism Research
  • A gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease seems to work by creating new neural circuits for motor function. Science Translational Medicine
  • A drug called pioglitazone shows potential for easing social withdrawal and repetitive and externalizing behaviors in autistic individuals. Molecular Autism
  • Low doses of aspirin appear to decrease features of multiple sclerosis in a mouse model. Science Signaling
  • A genome-wide association study of more than 55,000 people identified the first common variants associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Nature Genetics

Science and society

  • A new U.S. survey suggests that 1 in 40 children has an autism diagnosis. Disability Scoop
  • A Chinese researcher claims his efforts have led to the world’s first genetically modified babies — but the controversial work remains unpublished and unconfirmed. Associated Press
  • Young football players who have had frequent impacts to the head show signs of disrupted brain development after just one season. CNN
  • A 13-year-old with autism is urging legislators to ban the use of ‘seclusion rooms’ in schools for children who act out in class. NBC News
  • Children can inherit mitochondrial DNA not only from their mothers — as expected — but also from their fathers, according to a new study. NOVA Next
  • The mother of a special-needs child discusses inclusion and budgeting in schools. TSC Talks!
  • Belgian officials are investigating three doctors for using euthanasia in an ethically complex case of a woman with autism. Time
  • Kalin Bennett, 18, from Little Rock, Arkansas, is slated to become the first student-athlete with autism to play basketball at a Division I university. ABC News
  • A better understanding of the biology of mental-health conditions has provided disappointingly few benefits for people who have them. The New York Times
  • Many therapists still actively discourage stimming in autistic children, despite the fact that it can be soothing for many of them. Pacific Standard
  • Autistic children should be welcome in public entertainment venues such as the theater, according to a former disability rights attorney and mother of an autistic child. Houston Chronicle
  • Scientists are no longer limited to one grant proposal per year on which they appear as principal investigator. The Scientist
  • Researchers argue for a ‘universal’ DNA database made up of information from every individual in society. Science