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July 2022
Speech bubble formed by a network of communication

Community Newsletter: Autism impact factors, autistic people’s perspectives, oxytocin receptor

by  /  10 July 2022

This week’s talk on Twitter included discussion on the merits of impact factors, responses to a Lancet commission’s recommendations for the autism field and research on oxytocin receptors.


Evidence for remote autism assessments trickles in

by  /  8 July 2022

More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, emerging data support the remote tactics that kept autism diagnosis going during lockdowns.


Spectrum Launch: When mentoring goes wrong

by  /  7 July 2022

Having a productive relationship can be beneficial for both mentors and mentees. So what can either side do when that mentorship goes awry?


Mouse study links dopamine in cerebellum to social behavior

by  /  6 July 2022

The signaling molecule’s social role in the ‘little brain’ involves Purkinje neurons in the Crus I and Crus II regions, a new study reveals.

Many mouths making conversation, with speech bubbles in red and blue.

Community Newsletter: Lab collaborations, interneuron network expansion, DDX3X

by  /  3 July 2022

This week’s newsletter trails tweets about neuroscientists who study rodents or humans teaming up with those who study nonhuman primates, the expansion of interneurons networks in the human brain and new findings on the autism-linked gene DDX3X.

June 2022
An illustration of DNA sequencing

DNA may hold clues to oxytocin levels in autistic people

by  /  30 June 2022

Genetic factors could help explain why the ‘social hormone’ failed to benefit autistic people in a phase 3 clinical trial last year.

Illustration of a pregnant woman in a peach-colored shirt and light red pants standing in profile against a backdrop of chromosomes

Autism linked to inflammatory bowel disease in parents

by  /  28 June 2022

The inflammation associated with the disease, particularly in mothers, may contribute to autism traits in children.

Speech bubble formed by a network of communication

Community Newsletter: Fresh takes on theory-of-mind skills, evaluating joint attention, autism’s sex ratio

by  /  26 June 2022

A trill of tweets this week talk about perspective-taking during conversation, watching hands during playtime and accounting for measurement bias during diagnosis.

A computer-rendered analysis of neurons

Autism-linked mutation disrupts brain circuit to change social behavior

by  /  24 June 2022

Therapies that target the circuit could boost social activity, new findings suggest.

Illustration of two figures in a field of black circles representing genetic risks. The circles surround the figure on the left and stay farther away from the figure on the right.

Common inherited variants tied to autism show sex bias in families

by  /  23 June 2022

Siblings of autistic females are more likely to have autism than siblings of autistic males are, and mothers of autistic children carry more common, autism-linked variants than fathers do.