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Inside Scoop From the Autism Anchors: Sleep on the spectrum

Two scientists describe the causes and consequences of sleep disruptions in autism -- and what to do about them.


Protein factories at neuronal junctions take center stage in autism

Some genes linked to autism regulate the production of proteins at neuronal junctions, suggesting that disrupted protein synthesis contributes to the condition.


Autism genetics: The movie

The secret to understanding autism lies largely in our DNA.

Deep Dive

Autism in motion

Children with autism are often clumsy, physically awkward or uncoordinated. This understudied and nearly ubiquitous feature has researchers contemplating a new idea: Could motor problems be one source of autism’s social difficulties?


‘Crystal skull’ provides panoramic view of mouse brain

A curved glass replacement for the top of a mouse's skull lets researchers spy on the activity of more than 1 million neurons.