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Stabilizing head mold leads to sharper brain images

A customizable Styrofoam mold minimizes head movements during brain scans, enabling researchers to produce clearer images.


Imaging technique paints neuronal fibers in dazzling colors

A multicolor labeling method stains neurons brightly enough to reveal the thin connections between individual cells.


New method exposes structures inside ‘rainbow’ of brain cells

Molecules from alpacas may enable scientists to identify cell types in the brain while also revealing their interior structures.


How to design spaces for people with autism

Architects are working with schools to create welcoming, versatile spaces for students on the spectrum.


Monkey with mutation in top autism gene shows social problems

The first monkey with a mutation in SHANK3, a top autism gene, is nearly 3; it spends its days circling its cage rather than interacting with other monkeys.


Monkey motion-capture reveals social behavior in 3-D

A monkey-sized jacket embedded with motion sensors — similar to technology used to animate creatures in movies — is helping researchers develop the common marmoset as a model for studying human social behavior.


Roundworm roundup may reveal function of autism genes

Tracking how roundworms crawl has enabled scientists to determine that many autism genes are involved in sensory processing and learning.


Spectrum presents ‘Flying University: Women on the autism spectrum’

There's been an increasing awareness in American culture of autism and what it's like to be a person on the spectrum. Yet most of that discussion focuses on the experience of men, leaving unheard the voices of women. Join Caveat and Spectrum for three talks on dating, employment and race, by women on the spectrum.