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Hand moves petri dish in row of dishes and vials that make up the numbers 2020.
Alexander Glandien

Hindsight is 2020: The year in review

by  /  23 December 2020

This has been a year like no other. Our lives were upended in the first quarter as the novel coronavirus spread to every corner of the globe. Universities and health centers shuttered, and researchers and clinicians found themselves grappling with tough new questions: Can my research or clinical trial continue remotely? What happens to my study participants or lab animals? How do I provide adequate telehealth services? And who is going to look after my children, home from school all day long?

The autism research community has been figuring it out — and generating a flurry of research that Spectrum staff have covered from their kitchen tables and comfiest chairs, thanks to video interviews, virtual conferences, drone photoshoots and endless Zoom sessions. Here are some of our 2020 highlights.

Featured Articles

Micrograph of nerve cells being targeted by CRISPR enzyme to activate the silenced gene in Angelman syndrome

Hot topics in autism research, 2020

by  /  23 December 2020

The Spectrum team highlights five topics that distinguished autism research in 2020: diversity in data, gene therapies, subtyping, social circuitry and the ‘autism gene’ debate.

White lab mouse sitting in a gloved hand.

Notable papers in autism research, 2020

by  /  23 December 2020

Gene therapies and the factors influencing autism traits top Spectrum’s list of the 10 most notable research findings we covered in 2020.

researcher facing off with the coronavirus.

Rewind: Spectrum’s best from 2020

by  /  23 December 2020

Our staff picks the stories, podcasts and special reports that stood out from the rest this past year.

three children in profile with speech bubbles: one is empty, one contains one letter, and one contains the word 'hi" to illustrate various levels of verbal ability.

2020: The year in quotes

by  /  23 December 2020

In our favorite quotes from stories we published in 2020, researchers contemplate blue poop, celebrate null findings and find a few silver linings in life during lockdown.

top-down view of the mouse brain

2020 in research images

by  /  23 December 2020

Feast your eyes on glowing glia and organoids; high-resolution, digital renditions of mouse brains; fluorescent beads passing through zebrafish guts and more.

Lab scene during COVID 19 pandemic.

Inside the reporter’s notebook: Dispatches from 2020

by  /  23 December 2020

Spectrum‘s staff couldn’t report on the ground this year — with no lab visits, sit-down interviews or in-person conferences to attend — but we observed a lot of changes from our computer screens.

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