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Jasu Hu

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2016’s spectrum of autism science

by  /  26 December 2016

It’s been an eventful year, full of surprises.

Heavy pill on scale

Hot topics of 2016

by  /  26 December 2016

These five trending topics hint at important discoveries to come.

Notable papers of 2016

by  /  26 December 2016

Our picks for the top 10 papers of the year highlight leaps in our understanding of autism, as well as lingering gaps.

From temperature to toys, strange stimuli skew rodent results

by  /  26 December 2016

Interpreting mouse and rat behavior is tricky because of the hidden factors that can influence experiments.

The best depictions of autism in the arts

by  /  26 December 2016

The books, shows and movies that most accurately portray autism are those that don’t dwell on the condition.

Young woman with autism asks: ‘Am I so different?’

by  /  26 December 2016

A college student on the spectrum reflects on her struggles relating to others and gaining independence — and on the people who have given her hope.

Spectrum of color: Our favorite photos from 2016

by  /  26 December 2016

Peruse our picks for the best science photos published on Spectrum this year.

Illustration: A child looks up at an overhead light while less saturated figures walk around her.

For autism researchers, mundane moments spark ‘Eureka’ insights

by  /  26 December 2016

Autism researchers reflect on the unusual episodes that spawned significant scientific projects.

Quotes of the year

by  /  26 December 2016

We took note of our favorite quotes from articles we published this year.

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