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Special Reports Curated collections of articles on special topics in autism.
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Spectrum’s first year

by  /  22 December 2015

To say this has been a momentous year for the website would be an understatement.

Notable papers of 2015

by  /  22 December 2015

Our top 10 papers for this year, based on input from autism researchers, capture the full spectrum of findings — from molecular biology to large-scale epidemiology.

Hot topics of 2015

by  /  22 December 2015

Here’s a rundown of five trending topics that are turning traditional assumptions about autism on their head.

How family ties to autism frame research perspectives

by  /  22 December 2015

Having a loved one on the spectrum has given some autism researchers a unique outlook on their work.

What’s the hardest part of an autism researcher’s job?

by  /  22 December 2015

Scientists dish about the biggest challenges they face as they tackle tough questions about autism.

Research one-liners

by  /  22 December 2015

Autism researchers distill countless hours of frantic grant-writing and experiments into a single sentence — with some hilarious results.

Staff picks from 2015

by  /  22 December 2015

Some of our favorite stories this year went beyond the news to lay bare critical controversies or highlight real-world implications of research.

Illustration: A white mouse sits on a gloved-hand. The mouse is posing as if giving a speech.

Quotes of the year

by  /  22 December 2015

Here are some of our favorite quotes, by those who study autism and those who live with it, from articles we published in 2015.

Artist with autism illustrates ‘invisible disability’

by  /  22 December 2015

Sounds, smells and social encounters are just a few of the challenges that Leironica Hawkins, an artist on the spectrum, faces every day.

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