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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Mike Bloomberg

by  /  3 March 2020
  • General research funding

    • Require royalty payments to the government for intellectual property (drug research) that the NIH sells to private companies.
  • Secondary education and jobs

    • N/A
  • Early intervention and primary education

    • Issue grants to encourage states to enact universal preschool.
  • Housing policy

    • Provide housing vouchers to all Americans at or below 30 percent of the local median income.
  • Criminal justice

    • Expand access to alternative-to-incarceration programs.
    • Implement crisis-intervention teams with mental health professionals for 911 responses.
  • Healthcare

    • Expand Medicare to cover routine dental, hearing and vision checkups.
    • Put a $2,000 cap on Medicare beneficiary out-of-pocket spending.
    • Expand enrollment in the Affordable Care Act by restricting the sale of health plans that don’t meet the act’s standards.
    • Expand Medicare to include an optional policy covering dental, hearing and vision care, and Medicaid to require oral health services.
  • For caregivers

    • N/A
  • Drug pricing

    • Cap drug prices at 120 percent of the average price among other Western countries.
    • Ban drug company payments to pharmacy benefit managers.
  • Miscellaneous

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