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American Society of Human Genetics 2017

ASHG 2017
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Risk genes for autism overlap with those for attention deficit

by  /  25 November 2019
People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may carry certain rare, harmful mutations in many of the same genes as people with autism.
ASHG 2017
Modifier genes may enhance or diminish the effects of a mutation linked to autism.

Second ‘hits’ may explain autism mutations’ varied effects

by  /  5 October 2018
People who have a mutation linked to autism plus a second genetic glitch tend to have more severe symptoms than those with the mutation alone.
ASHG 2017

Yeast assay illuminates effects of mutations in top autism gene

by  /  1 June 2018
Mutations in the gene PTEN that are tied to autism may be less harmful than those linked to a syndrome characterized by benign tumors.
October 2017
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ASHG 2017

Mosaic mutations in sperm point to increased autism risk

by  /  23 October 2017

More than 5 percent of mutations thought to have arisen spontaneously in a child with autism may in fact be inherited.

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ASHG 2017

Rare autism mutations linked to low intelligence

by  /  20 October 2017

People with autism who have rare, damaging mutations tend to have low scores on intelligence tests.

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