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Kevin Pelphrey:
Life Science

Autism research and the real world

February 2018
Opinion / Columnists / Life Science

What teenagers can teach scientists about autism

by  /  27 February 2018

Examining the teenage years presents a major opportunity for understanding and treating autism.

January 2017
Opinion / Columnists / Life Science

Technology can curb social exclusion of children with autism

by  /  10 January 2017

Apps, robots and brain imaging can help children with autism improve their social skills and connect with other people.

August 2016
Opinion / Columnists / Life Science

Reckless report exaggerates flaws in brain scan software

by  /  16 August 2016

A bug in brain imaging software casts doubt on the results of some autism studies, but it’s way too soon to write off the powerful imaging technique.

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