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Shefali Luthra

Shefali Luthra, web reporter, covers consumer issues in health care. Her work has appeared in news outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN Health and npr.

November 2019
human brain and marijuana leaf

Marijuana warning from U.S. surgeon general lacks context

by ,  /  15 November 2019

Speaking about a recent federal advisory on marijuana, Jerome Adams, U.S. surgeon general, put a new spin on long-standing admonitions about the drug.

July 2018

From crib to court: Trump administration summons immigrant infants

A total of 1,500 ‘unaccompanied’ children, from newborns to age 3, have been called in to immigration court since 1 October 2015, according to U.S. Justice Department data.

A young boy in crowd of exhausted people looks directly into camera.

Immigrant children detained in U.S. may struggle to get health care

The White House’s plan to indefinitely detain immigrant families together threatens the care of young children, experts worry, by placing them with an agency with little experience in handling such complex needs. Previously, the administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration stance meant splitting children from parents. Immigration authorities acknowledged that during that policy 2,322 children 12 and under were […]

June 2018
U.S. Border Patrol agents take Central American asylum seekers into custody on June 12, 2018 near McAllen, Texas. A child looks uncertainly at an agent wearing black gloves.

Toddlers face immigration hearings in U.S. courts alone

As the White House faces court orders to reunite families separated at the U.S. border, immigrant children as young as 3 are being ordered into court for their own deportation proceedings, according to attorneys in Texas, California and Washington, D.C.


Thousands of children younger than 13 detained under U.S. border policy

The Trump administration has detained 2,322 children 12 years old or younger amid its border crackdown.

February 2018
Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (right) and Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (left) walk to the chamber after collaborating on an agreement in the Senate

U.S. Senate budget deal boosts spending for health programs

by , ,  /  8 February 2018

In a rare show of bipartisanship, Republican and Democratic Senate leaders announced a two-year budget deal that would increase federal spending for defense as well as key domestic priorities, including many health programs.

November 2017
child playing with fidget spinner

Lead found in fidget spinners is no idle threat, experts say

by ,  /  13 November 2017

At least 2 of about 12 fidget spinner models have been found to contain levels of lead that are unsafe for children, according to a new report by a consumer advocacy group.

October 2016

Many children rely on emergency room for psychiatric care

by ,  /  26 October 2016

People with mental health conditions — especially children and the elderly — are more likely than those with physical illnesses to end up in the emergency department for their care.

August 2016
Nubia Flores Miranda types at a computer in her counseling office

Race, ethnicity affect kids’ access to mental health care, study finds

by  /  18 August 2016

Getting treatment for mental health conditions remains difficult — and it’s especially hard for children who identify as black or Hispanic.

May 2016

Research raises questions about impact of state autism insurance mandates

by ,  /  11 May 2016

New research finds that the impact of these mandates varies because of differences in states’ coverage requirements and the availability of treatment options.