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Nicholette Zeliadt

Managing Editor

Nicholette Zeliadt manages Spectrum’s staff writers and interns, and she commissions and edits news and opinion articles. She joined Spectrum as news writer in 2014. Before that, she was a freelance writer and editor. Her work has appeared in The New York TimesScientific AmericanNature MedicineScience and The Scientist.Nicholette has a Ph.D. in environmental health from the University of Minnesota
and a B.A. in biochemistry from the University of Iowa.

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September 2014

In Chinese newspapers, stories on autism neglect science

by  /  5 September 2014

News stories about autism in China are becoming more common, but tend to skimp on scientific facts, reports a study of five leading daily newspapers.

April 2014

Simple questionnaire may improve early detection of autism

by  /  18 April 2014

A set of six questions about child development can identify parental biases and help to improve the accuracy of a commonly used autism test, according to a study published 30 March in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

March 2014

Researchers dispute value of self-reports for autism traits

by  /  18 March 2014

Self-administered questionnaires for adults in the general population may not distinguish between traits of autism and other conditions, suggests a provocative study published 17 December in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.