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Kaiser Health News

April 2020
anti vaccine protesters

How anti-vaccine activists are using COVID-19 to boost their movement

by ,  /  28 April 2020

While most of the world hungers for a vaccine to put an end to the death and economic destruction wrought by COVID-19, some anti-vaccine groups are joining anti-lockdown protesters to challenge restrictions aimed at protecting public health.

November 2019
human brain and marijuana leaf

Marijuana warning from U.S. surgeon general lacks context

by ,  /  15 November 2019

Speaking about a recent federal advisory on marijuana, Jerome Adams, U.S. surgeon general, put a new spin on long-standing admonitions about the drug.

Young man holds his face in his hand, sitting in the dark.

Emergency rooms see surge of teenagers seeking psychiatric care

by ,  /  12 November 2019

Emergency rooms throughout California are reporting a sharp increase in adolescents and young adults seeking care for a mental health crisis.

October 2019

Model program could divert some 911 calls from police to mental health professionals

by ,  /  15 October 2019

Denver, Colorado, is one of at least eight cities considering an Oregon program to decriminalize and improve the treatment of people with severe mental illness — while saving the city money.

Mother and son play with small toys on tabletop

New guidelines stand by medication for attention deficit, but some experts disagree

by ,  /  1 October 2019

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines yesterday upholding that central role of medications accompanied by behavioral therapy in ADHD treatment.

August 2019
feet in worn sneakers stop in front of a yellow line on the pavement that reads: 'United States of America'

How the new ‘public charge’ rule affects immigrants’ healthcare benefits

by ,  /  27 August 2019

A new rule to restrict legal immigration, published by the Trump administration this month, is sowing confusion and anxiety even among immigrants not directly affected by it.

June 2019
close up of microscope and researcher's gloved hands

How Trump’s fetal-tissue policy impacts medical research

by ,  /  12 June 2019

The announcement this week that the U.S. federal government is changing its policy on the use of human fetal tissue in medical research is designed to please anti-abortion groups.

woman talking to doctor, view of hands only, suggesting distressed patient, defensive doctor.

Mental health coverage lags behind physical, despite laws promising parity

by ,  /  10 June 2019

Two U.S. federal laws were designed to bring parity between mental and physical healthcare coverage, but disparities remain.

April 2019

U.S. states move to ban pesticide linked to developmental problems

by ,  /  26 April 2019

Lawmakers in several states are trying to ban a widely used pesticide that the Environmental Protection Agency is fighting to keep on the market.

Mother walking kindergarten age child

Despite measles outbreaks, vaccine exemptions easy to obtain in U.S. states

by ,  /  5 April 2019

As measles outbreaks continue across the United States, newly revealed health records from Oregon suggest it’s surprisingly easy to opt out of required vaccinations in that state — as in several others.